Monday, June 29, 2009

Are Palin and Moller Lying About Emmonak? - Updated

Last week, Alaska rural affairs advisor John Moller was in the lower Yukon River region, as funds and aid trickle in for flood damage repair, energy assistance rebuilds and modifications, and as subsistence/commercial fishing efforts are attenuated or thwarted by a severe shortage of Kings.

Before Moller left Emmonak for Wasilla to attend a series of events designed to force Native Alaskans to reject their thousands of years of cultural heritage to become fundamentalist and evangelical zombies, he must have given Palin some information from the YK Delta that is beginning to be highly questioned.

On Saturday, Palin twittered from Kosovo, "half of the people in Emmonak have met subsistence needs and the other half believe they can do the same."

But all information coming in from the lower river suggests this to be far from the truth. A poll taken today of 65 people in Emmonak (full results Wednesday) indicates that five people have met their entire subsistence goal, while over 51 people were below or well below 50%.

According to one reporter:

"the hell with Sarah Palin" is the best quote I got. These people get pissed when I tell them what Moller said about 50% having their quota.

Additionally, money for work done for the Federal and State governments by villagers has not even been deposited in banks, well over a week after some of the work should have been paid for, making it hard to purchase fuel for boats to catch the virtually worthless Chums they might be allowed to fish for for four hours (!!!) tonight, having been forced to pass up Kings that were worth over ten times as much per pound as commercial catch.

As I wrote last week, Moller promised a Progressive Alaska interview about two months ago, but has not returned any recent emails or phone messages sent to him, or left at his office. Further attempts to get through to him today have so far failed (5:30 PM).

Don't expect a more detailed version of this serious Alaska rural story to come soon from the Anchorage Daily News, for instance. Their biggest Palin item on the web today was Erika Bolstad's cut-and-paste hack job, running a series of appeals from Palin fundraising organizations, to contribute to her by midnight tomorrow. It appears that at least one of the funding appeals posted by Bolstad may have been run in its entirety, with lots of helpful information, making it extremely easy to get the money to Palin soon.

Not surprisingly, most commenters at this disgusting display of stenography by someone who used to be a decent reporter, are calling Bolstad on this brazen appeal on behalf of Palin, with many suggesting people along the entire course of the Yukon could better use the money Bolstad is encouraging people send to Palin.

Updated - 9:00 p.m:

1) Just back from a board meeting. Driving there and back, I was thinking, "has the Anchorage Daily News ever before printed two emails, one in its entirety, from a candidate who may be running for a statewide office, who is an incumbent, who is soliciting funds for a variety of undefined political and legal objectives, without giving the printing of the solicitations some sort of journalistic context?"

Maybe, but I can't think of any. Can any readers come up with an example?

2) Gryph, at The immoral Minority, has printed an article with more quotes from one of my lower Yukon sources, and from the Emmonak City Manager.

ps - somebody might want to get a google cache of Bolstad's story before they reel it on in...


Anonymous said...

I am livid reading this. Shame on the Palin Administration! Are they going to starve the native community until they accept communion? What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Moller has been pulling a 'Sanford'. No interviews, no responding to emails, no calls.

For the attention he has been paying to this issue, he may as well been in Mexico as his information and reports sound more like a 'call in' instead of seeing it for himself.

Actually for what he reported as seeing himself -- is he blind. I would expect to see a white cane as his eyes sure as He|| aren't working.

See your next project is taking this moron down.

KittenStCyr said...

You have hit upon it Anon...
Wiping out the villages isn't just a paranoid fantasy. The people in the bush and coastal communities are on the front lines of genocide.
OK, I'm angry , and a little over the top, but only a little.
Thanks Phil - fisheries issues are just about the only avenue I can find to talk sense to people with whom I disagree about Palin's lightyears of shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

CDQ $$$$? Where is? What is it per capita?? Follow the money

Anonymous said...

Newspapers usually tend to have a right or left slant to their reporting but the Bolstad article is unquestionably a "free ad" for Palin's political fundraising endeavors.

Kitten St.Cyr mentioned genocide. In my view, it's not merely apparent, but totally obvious that genocide may be perceived as one of Sarah Palin's mandates. Poor or dead bush and coastal native Alaskans mean less obstacles for Big Oil, erm, "growing" Alaska.

I read Wonkette daily, now Mudflats and your blog daily also, too. I cannot understand how this corrupt (where's the I.R.S. re: "Housegate"), inept and dishonest person continues to be the governor of Alaska!

Anonymous said...

Are they lying? That's a rhetorical question, right?

Bottom line: if their lips are moving they are lying. What a traitor Moller is, selling out his fellow Alaskan Natives for that Bible Diva Dipstick. I hope that he is thoroughly shunned when he is sent on his way by the next gov.



Anonymous said...

Bible Diva Dipstick is SO selfish and unkind, dishonest, intolerant and ignorant that it stands to reason and "karma" if you will, that she will have a harsh "fall" - think of The Wizard of Oz with the wicked queen melting - Sarah Palin will eventually get what she deserves, she WILL fall, and harshly, have patience...

Anonymous said...

The juxtaposition of workers not receiving money for their work NEXT TO the ADN's pandering for money for Palin is totally outrageous and immoral!

Do Palin and the ADN have NO shame??? They make me sick to my stomach.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Moller is on "personal" leave. He must be running out of hiding places.

Philip Munger said...


Where did you read that Moller is on leave?

Anonymous said...


Palin’s rural adviser, John Moller, is on personal leave. I’d also hoped to talk to Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd. He was busy too.

It's from ADN story: UPDATED: Yukon fishermen ignore closure, catch kings

Another thought: Any way of getting Levi involved. He's been on all the "media" tour and therefore communication with them and knowing his interest fishing, etc.?? Huh?? Just thinking out loud!!

GinaM said...


The GINO Vanity Fair article is out, here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Sheesh...Palin sure gets the creepy left riled up!

It's almost a good enough reason to vote for her again. We will wait to see the alternatives are before making that decision.

But chalk up one point for her side. It's good to have the right enemies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Sheesh...Palin sure gets the creepy left riled up!
Go slither back under your rock

The difference is your ilk haven't a bone of compassion or a braincell linked to reality. You feed greed and narcissism.

I have no tolerance for stupidy -- your only claim to fame.

onejrkitty said...

I think it would help if more individuals in the villages raised their voices and wrote letters to ADN, to Palin and TO THE LEGISLATORS.

We need to hear more DIRECTLY from the villages involved. They have the numbers to make an impact if they would all speak up !

onejrkitty said...

Correction: "villages" should read Villigers i.e. individuals and not just media contacts.

I want to hear more individual Native voices.

clark said...

"It's almost a good enough reason to vote for her again. We will wait to see the alternatives are before making that decision."
who is "we"? you have to all agree, before going to the polls? alternatives? you mean whoever else is in the republican primary, i suppose. and 'riled up'? hardly. saddened, continuously disappointed, embarrassed, for certain... there is one part of me that secretly hopes she carries her national strategy all the way to the '12 GOP convention. and whatever is left of the republican party fades away by the beginning of obama's second term.

clark said...

you had it right the first time, junior kitty. they live in villages but we don't call them villagers in AK.

basheert said...

Isn't it amazing that when a sitting GINO conducts a campaign of genocide in a State in the U.S.A., it is allowed and supported by people within that state?

I have always known and it has been said that Alaska is a state composed of individuals. This is supposedly a positive thing.

In my view, what I see is selfish individuals who don't care about their fellow citizens - beginning with their elected leader.

The native communities existed long before the pipelines. They are being starved, crushed by ice and frozen during the winter. And apparently the GINO of that state is encouraging the wholesale slaughter of the population?

And Moller is aiding and abetting the whole thing? He is not going to last long I don't believe.

These individuals disgust me. I live in a state that has 56 native tribes. Not all is well, but the people of Arizona are not making sincere attempts to starve them or force them off their land. And when things are hard, AZ can be counted on to help our fellow citizens.

Alaska does not deserve statehood and the Alaskans who support these types of methods of backdoor extermination deserve some of their own methods.

onejrkitty said...


I have been in Alaska since 1971 and I lived in Kaktovik for 4 years.

Up there, we called ourselves "villigers."

Anonymous said...

He may as well been in Mexico as his information..

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