Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Frog Island Lagoon

Yesterday evening, I canoed into Frog Island Lagoon, at the western edge of Neklason Lake. It was the first time I visited the lagoon during summer in three years.

My son, Alex, named Frog Island about twelve years ago. It is a high point in the marshy area that encompasses almost half of Neklason Lake's total acreage. In the spring, when the ice breaks up, tens of thousands of frogs hatch there. In the evening, they sing their songs.

Here are some pictures:

Frog Island Creek enters Neklason Lake
Frog Island, from the east

Frog Island marsh horsetails

Frog Island young marsh plants

Frog Island muskrat den

Frog Island Lagoon springs

Cottonwood Creek and western Neklason Lake from Frog Island Lagoon

A Trumpeter swan nesting in the marsh along Cottonwood Creek (click on the image for an enlargement. The swan is tiny, in the middle of the picture. I didn't want to get any closer). This is the first time in our 14 years on Neklason Lake that swans have nested here images - Progressive Alaska


Anonymous said...

You're very lucky to have such a beautiful place so close to your house.

mlaiuppa said...

Did you hear any frogs or is it still too early?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I love the pictures that you and AKM take! So beautiful. The frog island must be cool :)
I saw a tv show the other day where these rich people lived in (hawaii)? and they were mad at the frogs making noise! Unbelievable! Try fire engines lady!
Its so beautiful in Alaska, then I remember the "Ice queen" and cringe.
I couldn't see the swan, but I know you can't get any closer, and I wouldn't want to disturb them nesting! I will take your word on it :)
The horsetails are beautiful, I think :)
Thanks Phil.

RunninL8 said...

Jeez. you're really making me jones for the water!
And frogs!!? I didn't think they were to be found around here-my kiddo would LOVE that!

Peg Abbott said...

Thank you for taking such care not to disturb a new nesting location! It will be a joy to watch the cygnets grow. I wanted to share that we have a host of information, identification tips and current news on our website www.trumpeterswansociety.org. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to assuring the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swans. James King, of Alaska is on our Board and recently put out a wonderful book with tales of his adventures as a wildlife pilot. It is featured on our Blog http//:trumpeterswansociety.wordpress.com I hope you enjoy visiting our sites and that you continue to share news on this family with us! Peg Abbott, The Trumpeter Swan Society

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have seen two pair of swans on the lake so far this year. the lake just went out tonight! we moved here in late August of 2009 and are anxious to get out and enjoy the spoils we have worked so hard for! I can't wait to get out to Frog Island Lagoon! May 2nd, 2010