Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two Important Things for Today

This was the hard part. I was conflicted, but with a very low turnout predicted, I can't let one of the really weird ones get elected. This is, after all, the Borough that elected Darcy Salmon as Mayor.

The second action, will be joining my friends, gay and straight, in support of the Anchorage Equal Rights Ordinance.

See you at the Loussac!

Update - 10:50 p.m: Talis won by a major landslide. He will be the Mat-Su Valley's almost powerless mayor for the next four months.


Mel said...

See you there!

onejrkitty said...

You voted for Talis.

Shame shame shame.

Blue_in_AK said...

I'll see you tonight, too, Phil. I hope we have a huge turnout for our side.

BS said...

I assume the really weird one is Walden. Teabagger who said "It makes me sick that the enemy I fought against for so long is now in office."

mlaiuppa said...

Um....you're recommending voting *for* Talis Colberg? Because that's what the pictured ballot is inferring.

BS said...

IMO Talis is the best choice. I never thought I would say that. At least he had the sense to bail from the uncomfortable position he was in. The other choices were an animal abuser, an ex-boxer, a teabagger, a Menard dynasty twit, and two unknowns (to me). How is a person to vote? I got off my ass and voted mainly to try to prevent that Walden dude from winning. He is popular with the teabaggers.

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows...the progressives in Mat-Su Valley, including the progressives in Palin's hometown of Wasilla are voting enmasse for Talis Colberg, Palin's ex-attorney general for mayor.

He is obviously the most qualified person running. The only avowed democrat in the race...pro-union Fondahn is obviously unqualified.

Talis Colberg will win in a landslide. He is really a moderate who the progressives feel that they can work with.

But when he was Palin's attorney general, of course he was almost the vice-devil if you asked any democrat...and so the world turns.


onejrkitty said...

re:Talis Colberg.

Integrity is like being pregnant.

You either are or you aren't.

Talis showed his true colors when he was AG under Palin.

He did NOT have to do as Palin asked. He could have said NO and if (when) she fired him, he had his law practice to go back to.

In other words, Talis Colberg was not desperate in any sense that matters and simply did what he did BECAUSE HE WANTED TO DO IT. HE AGREED WITH PALIN, HE WAS FOR PALIN AND HE IS AS UGLY AS PALIN.

Palin did NOT seduce poor little Talis.

Talis is a grown mad of mature age and made a choice that showed his lack of character.

I would choose an "unknown" over a know that has already showed me he is a dishonest person and cares not one wit for the law.


Blaming Palin for "making " him do anything is the same as saying, "The Devil Made Me Do It."

It is exactly what Palin does; blame someone else and never take responsibility for her own actions.

Talis and Palin are two peas in a pod.

Wasilla sure does pick up !

BS said...

onejrkitty - Yes you are correct - but the choices are so limited - either bite the bullet or don't vote. I considered not voting but I didn't want that Walden dude to win. Lesser of two evils I guess. Anyway nobody cares who the Mat-Su mayor is. When I voted, I was the only one there. The five poll workers there were so happy to have something to do when I walked in. They all made jokes about being sorry I had to wait so long in line and thanking me for my patience. It was weird. Anyway whoever wins this only serves the term out until October(?). Then maybe we can have a serious election.

Anonymous said...

The votes are in. Colberg has about 64% of the vote. The next highest was Walden and he has about 20% of the vote.

This vote was actually orchestrated by the Democrats in the Valley.

For some reason, they were deathly afraid that Walden might get in.

Of course, they had a great candidate with the only democrat in the race getting about 50 votes.

Philip Munger said...

Anonymous at 10:08 - it was a non-partisan election. There were no declared parties.

onejrkitty - Talis hasn't been disbarred. I'm not sure whose responsibility it might be to have that done, but he did fail as AG in how he handled the Branchflower/LC matter. Badly.

Then again, Tony Knowles flew around the country selling our state out to oil companies on a Veco jet for weeks after he was elected governor, which was far, far worse.

By showing my vote, I was merely being open and transparent. I was not recommending that anyone vote for Talis, who is now our mayor for the next four months.

Anonymous said...

right...it was non-partisan.


There are no non-partisan elections

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Talis Colberg is only keeping the seat warm until the real election. It surprises me that they had this election in the first place, but I would have voted for him, too. Also.

clark said...

it's worth pointing out to the outsiders that this isn't even the mayor of wasilla [palin's old job] or palmer -- it's mayor of the mat-su borough, the unincorporated areas outside the towns of wasilla and palmer. the borough's a massive area the size of rhode island, but sparsely populated and what infrastructure and services it has are state-managed for the most part. alaska doesn't have counties so boroughs are what passes for a local government in most rural districts.

KB said...

HOW could you vote for Colberg, Phil??? He's another Captain Zero!

There was a write-in blank, ya know.

Ak Minority Report said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
onejrkitty said...

Phil Munger.

Thinks it is ok for Palin to write her book on state time and dime.

Thinks Talis Colberg is a man of honor.

Thinks Palin's doctor should keep her mouth shut, no matter how much Palin damages the doctor's reputation, about that "wild ride from Texas to Alaska."

Ok Talis, just where are YOUR principles?

Or maybe you are telling us where you really stand!

onejrkitty said...

Correction: should have read, "Ok Phil... not "ok Talis"

Maybe I am starting to have a hard time telling them apart.

Anonymous said...

wild ride from Texas to Alaska.

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