Thursday, June 4, 2009

What if All Alaska Governors Had Blackberries and Twitter?

Wednesday, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin reacted to news that the most recent citizen request for clarification on a matter involving the governor and Alaska's executive ethics code had been decided in the governor's favor, by reaching for her Blackberry, and twittering. Here's AK Muckraker's description, from The Mudflats:

You want to know the latest news about the governor, and the status of ethics complaints filed against her? Are you checking out the State of Alaska website? Silly you. For the hot cutting-edge news, you’ve got to be hooked up to the Twitter.

She even beat the Anchorage Daily News with this one.

We won. Another expensive, time consuming false ethics charge thrown out. Remember the one: I wore my coat w/Arctic Cat logo & was charged?

We’ll attach press release re: win against Democrat blogger’s ethics charge that I shouldn’t wear my warm snowmachine coat to cold Iron Dog

WTF! You mean that if we take money from DC, the Feds have a say-so in how we spend it. Say it ain't so, Joe. Maybe we shoulda remained a territory, so we could progress the state on our own!

Wally Hickel
twitters the Prudhoe Bay oil field discovery to a Canadian company:

Info4U - big (!!!) discovery on Northslope. You want $500 mil to push this field or not?

Keith Miller on Interior Secretary Hickel's shutdown of new construction on the "Hickel" ice highway:

NIGI! Got teh hiway named after hizzelf, but now I'm guv - iz rode to knowhere! Know where? - >URS, Huck Fickel!

Jay Hammond twitters on the legislators' reluctance to create the Permanent Fund:

OMG - IDUNNO where tey getz thez IIIO WATBz! $$$ it now - $$$ it later, cuz itz not gunno last 4ever. ROFLMAO

Bill Sheffield twitters about the news that he's about to be impeached:

H8TBU AK legz. Iz gunna FY & FY & FY with teh vetozzzz! GRWG MFz

Steve Cowper, after an all-nighter with oil lobbyists in room 604 at the Baranof, gets a text that the Exxon Valdez is up on Bligh Reef, leaking a lot of oil:

HFS! UGTBK! Iz reddy cuz Alyeska will rock! UL thoz booooms!

Tony Knowles, discovering that John Lindauer's last backer, Dr. Jerry Prevo, has finally accepted State Sen. Robin Taylor as a substitute write-in candidate for the GOP:

TYAFU, GBU Prevo! UCMU, sticking onto JL like bluebottlz to cow turdz till teh smell stunk THH. Kiss ur tax writeofz GFN, Ahole!

Frank Murkowski, looking at the GOP primary results in 2006:

NIFOC....OMGUGTBK!!! NWO....AK voters - AYSOS?


Anonymous said...

Totally LOL!!!!!

Phill, anony-mouse here,
I got a text from my cousin in that village, where Pervert & Palin showed up in... where she baked cookies and dished out scripture... It went like this:

UPCHUCK=Pervert & Palin. So we did the right thing & hid the children.

Philip Munger said...

anonymous @ 2:28


LisanTX said...

These are hilarious!!

OT--thanks for all you do; I appreciate it. You wouldn't believe how similar Alaska and Texas are.

Anonymous said...

What if All Alaska Governors Had Blackberries and Twitter?

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