Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 60 -- The Shame of Exxon Endures

Progressive Alaska re-posted this Robert Dillon picture back in February. Robert took it when Alaska Gov. Palin was in Washington, DC, for the US Supreme Court arguments on what is known as the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill class action lawsuit.

The governor, posing then, in what some regard as one of the best proofs of Palin's late term pregnancy, is standing with Cordova wood sculptor, Mike Webber. Between them is the Tlingit "Shame Pole" that Bob Henrichs commissioned to publicly insult Exxon in the Tlingit tribe's traditional manner.

At the time, Gov. Palin characterized the movement of the case from the Ninth Circuit to the Supreme Court, and the lowering of the initial Anchorage jury's large award to plaintiffs, "a kick in Alaska's collective gut."

Since's Palin's selection to run with John McCain last year, she hasn't been successful in dealing with oil, natural gas or coal politics, in Alaska, or on broader scales. And those minerals' economic downturn have turned Palin's gas projects, especially, into something with many untenable strings attached.

The announcement today in the Texas media that Exxon-Mobil and Trans-Canada are working with Palin on a deal that might bulldoze Denali - BP/Conoco-Phillips' plan - will dominate Alaska media for a good week or so, unless the volcano blows again, or the "Feds," as Palin calls them, get back into doing what nobody else here seems to want to do - bust political crooks.

Many Alaskans will remember how the governor sided with plaintiffs in the EVOS case from the beginning of her term until the VP campaign. This open embrace now, of the company that has screwed Alaskans more than any other (it is a long list), will not go down well with coastal Alaskans. It may combine with the growing perception, especially among rural Alaska Natives, that Palin is selling out to slutty companies like Exxon and to the foreign-owned, Seattle-based Bering Sea trawling pirates.

Palin is under enormous pressure to get something going in the natural gas arena that makes next year's "open season" more marketable for her as a candidate. Palin is constructing a national campaign machine whose maintenance costs are rising faster than those of any other project in Alaska political history. Unless she gets something going soon that shows she's earned some top chops as a governor since the campaign ended, her marketing team will have to tell her she cannot run for a second term as governor.

Andrew Halcro predicted we might be visiting this Exxon territory. He also accurately predicted Palin's endgame scenario.

We need to get a group together to encourage another Alaska artist like mike Webber to make another Tlingit shame pole.

images - top Robert Dillon; bottom - Mike Martinson


Anonymous said...

Bulldoze Denali??? No really - it's perfect for her. It's a resource that is being trashed in her name.

How shortsighted and stupid for her state. Why don't they just set fire to the forests? It would cook all the wildlife and the citizens of Alaska could eat the meat?

Then they could drain the ocean and pick up the fish and not be bothered to fish.

This was a beautiful state - until she got her hands onto the natural resources.

Anonymous said...

How can a deal that involves Exxon maintain fall within the requirements of AGIA?

Seems to me that any deal with Exxon negates AGIA.

This on the surface seems to be a face-saver for the gov, but seems not to meet the AGIA criteria, so the $500 million goes to who -- Exxon or TransCanada? And how long until BP & COP are also on-board and all three of the Big 3 in AK are able to write their own tickets? Who took on big oil? Oh yeah, our gov did, and LOST.


ella said...

Here is something I am very puzzled about. When Katie Couric asked Palin to name a Supreme Court case that she had issues with (I am paraphrasing), why didn't Palin discuss Exxon/Valdez?
Palin was THERE, and likely
articulate (for her) about this case. I know that the one thing SP has in spades is confidence, so it is hard to believe that Couric intimidated her. This should have been an easy opening for Palin to appear intelligent and informed. I do not get how/why she blew it (and then said it was a "gotcha' question).

mlaiuppa said...

Who would be stupid enough to vote for this woman ever again? For anything?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ella and wondered why Sarah didn't bring up the unjust decision regarding Exxon and the on going tragedy of the oil spill 20 years ago...(a watershed moment for me when the proof was finally in who the government really represents...big oil...) unless she is still a shill for one of the greediest and destructive 'entities' on our planet... apparently so, we weary of her ambitions, and willingness to throw anyone ot thing under the train for her image... Lord help us.

Anonymous said...

I think she didn't say anything because she didn't want to burn a bridge she may need to cross in the future. She wanted to keep a back door open to plow through, like right now.

I hope it slams in her face. she has it coming.

Mae said...

Phill, annoy-mouse here...
this just in... EXXON and TRANSC are bless in marrage when it comes to Alaska's natural gas...

Governor Palin will do the honors of signing the wedding certificate and conducting the exchange of vows.

Good grief... we are so screwed. Natural gas for Alaskan use is total awash now.

Patrick said...

Hi Phil,

I would like to pick up on your remark that the pictures from 26th February 2008 are "one of the best proofs of Palin's late term pregnancy". I don't think that's true at all. There are a number of pictures available from this event, and I cannot detect any sign of pregnancy, see for example:

Many more pictures of Sarah Palin taken for example in February and March 2008, showing her distinctly non-pregnant, can be found in my flickr-account.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I am mystified here? I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of Alaska oil politics, but I do believe Dennis Zaki and he has this posted on his page:

AGIA is Dead!
Sarah Palin's failed AGIA plan is dead. TransCanada is "negotiating" with Exxon. Story here. Do we get our $500 million back, or was this the original plan for Palin to get into bed with Exxon?

Can anyone explain why this is good for GINO? Looks like EPIC FAIL!

basheert said...

Gee, I wonder if SarahPAC gets the $500million? Or perhaps SP will use it to send her dropout daughter to get her GED?

Alaska is SO screwed. And they just let her tear the state up.

Anonymous said...

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 60 -- The Shame of Exxon Endures

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