Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saturday Wasilla Tea Bag Party Update and Corrections - With Another Update (!)

Here's a picture taken last Saturday of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, holding a t-shirt given to her at Wasilla Wonderland Park, by the organizers of the picnic, speeches and ceremonies held there during the afternoon.

The group's chief organizer, Cheryl Brooks, advocates making being Chistian a requirement for governmental service, and a return to the laws of 1788, which would eliminate women's, minorities,' Jewish and others' civil rights. Apparently, she wants all amendments to the constitution eliminated (which would, I assume eliminate the Bill of Rights):

Our constitution would never be amended; the founding structure would be forever the same.

Cheryl Brooks has asked me to amend and correct Progressive Alaska's post that was the result of my attendance of Saturday's event. The following is from Ms. Brooks' email to me:

I do say your description of the rally was somewhat different than the 275 people (which signed in) that were there...

Senator Huggins was scheduled to be a guest speaker but the
communication between his office and mine I was not able to confirm.

As far as Senator Menard was concerned she also was invited to speak, but her office never confirmed. My understanding was that she had other commitments.

You may have not seen other nationalities [sic] in the crowd but since you stayed off to the side you didn't see the children, and adults of the same other nationalities [sic].

Then we have your description of Governor Palin and what occurred when she arrived. The governor got out of her vehicle walked into the park area, spoke with many of us, we took pictures of her talking to us, smiling and I am sure she was cold since her sweater could of been heavier. We gave her a tee-shirt. I, another organizer spoke to Bristol who with the two little boys were in the SUV . Then she got into her vehicle and left. She was there about 20 minutes. We appreciated and enjoyed her taking the time to come and speak with us.

Our group American Patriot tea party, were
born and raised in this country.

[At Wasilla Wonderland Park last Saturday - Cheryl Brooks, center, to the left of Gov. Palin, who is far more chastely dressed than she was for events honoring our Veterans during the preceding week]

I've requested that Ms. Brooks grant me an e-mail exchange interview regarding her proposed platform that would, it appears, re-institute slavery, revoke universal suffrage, and bring us back to the time when only Christians could serve in office.

Update - 3:20 p.m:
From the comments, people sent over here from one of the Sarah shrines or from the Teabag Party are claiming that either I've made up Cheryl Brooks' quotes from above, or have made up the 20-point manifesto that I had pulled from the Alaska Tea Party web site last Wednesday.

The quotes above in indented italics are from an email Cheryl sent me overnight.

Although the 20-point program appears to have now disappeared from their web site or is extremely difficult to find, here is a Google cache screen shot that indicates that it once did appear there, as my post from last Wednesday stated:

One of the problems I've encountered in corresponding with, or in answering blog comments from some of the folks so ardent over Palin, and the Tea Bag set, is that they are often imprecise, or worse.

images - Alaska Tea Party


Anonymous said...

Murkowski negotiated $40 billion pipeline for Alaska -everyone hated him

Palin secretly negotiates $10 million book deal for herself-these people love her

who would improve their standard of living more? education levels are stark

RunninL8 said...

Hoping she has strong enough conviction in her own platform to actually grant you the interview. I’m dying to read her throwback to the dark ages views. Although , I can NOT stand anymore lousy grammar. She seems about as well educated as our illustrious gov.

Anonymous said...

The Palin Poujadists do themselves proud whenever they take the keyboards.

"could of been..." Good Lord.

"other nationalities"??? Really??? What does she mean by this? Or is this another example of Palinistas profound ignorance and racism?

onejrkitty said...

I am afraid Wasilla, is becoming the "Christian Terrorist" capital of Alaska.

I believe Missy Palin likes that just fine and has done exactly what AIP convention speakers have suggested: "Infiltrate" ( their word ) a major political party in order to "get a foot in the door; get a seat at the table."

Being the Narcissist she is, with falling approval, and rising disapparoval, rates is going to do whatever she can to damage this state, whether it is throwing away $500,000 million to Canada, rejecting $28,000 for energy or refusing to allow the "Feds" to set a standard of education so that each state can know how their students compare.

She gives confidence to the extreme right and they support her back.

Somehow, Alaskans, Republican as well as Democrate, need to take back our state.

If only our legislators had some balls.

Any suggestions from anyone on what is realistically possible?

Metcalf has a petition to call in the FBI on Alaska corruption. I WOULD LOVE TO SIGN THIS IF I KNEW HOW TO GET TO FIND THE PETITION.

Time for another rally?

Contact the DOJ?

Anybody have some thoughts on this?

Philip Munger said...


Ray Metcalfe is writing a post for PA right now about this petition. I am one of the petition's co-sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Errr...funny thing about this is that the majority of the writers of the constitution were NOT bible believing christians but rather, Deists. Even more impressive is that the number of citizens belonging to churches at that time in the US was incredibly underwhelming. These facts are so easy to look up.

Stupidity has never been more dangerous, has it?

the problem child said...

Cheryl Brooks makes my head hurt. The lethal combination of poor grammar, incoherent thought, and boorishness is just too much. She is the perfect BFF for Sarah.

Anonymous said...

"Chastely dressed"? She looks like she just climbed out of a pickup after a session of ummmm "Scrabble".

Mel said...

If they're serious about not wanting the Constitution to ever be amended, seems to me they've decided that it should be classified as some sort of "inerrant" document as fundamentalists claim the Bible to be. But of course the authors of the Constitution built the process of amendment into the Constitution. As an anonymous commenter on the previous post about the Teabaggers 20-point program, by outlawing amendments, the teabaggers would be invalidating most of their own program points. Including the one about never amending the Constitution.

One has the strong feeling that "logical reasoning" was not a strong foundation of their educational program.

(Never mind what "teabagging" is slang for.)

Anonymous said...

The quotes Phil Munger has posted from the people at the tea party is a blatant lie. If you want to know what was said about those quotes from the WE THE PEOPLE STIMULUS package read it on the alaskateaparty. com website. Apparently Phil can't get anything straight.

alaskan10 said...

Cheryl Brooks never made those comments to anyone or anywhere. If you go back to Phil's webpage he links, you can read the 20 steps for yourself. Not take the ramblings of a delusional man. I can't believe how gullible some of the commenters are.

Philip Munger said...


At the time I posted those 20 points, they were on the Alaska Tea Party home page, signed by Cheryl Briggs. They no longer appear there in the way they then did.

0>w/hole>1 said...

Christian requirement for service, huh? How about Mormons, then? Catholics? Do Quakers count if they won't wave guns? And if they count now, will they still count later when nobody's looking?

What a lot of trouble folks are going to in order to return to a system of government based on "cuz I said so". Betcha that "I" will slip away from them real easy if ever they succeed.

KaJo said...


According to the exchange between you and alaskan10 just above (and Anonymous @ June 2 @ 1:28 PM also) -- it looks like it's time for you and any other Alaska progressive blogger who links to any conservative or teabagger or other far-right website for citation or background information should also preserve a screen capture of the page in question, and post it on a image scrapbook site like Flickr or Photobucket.

Some of these "now you see it, now you don't" links with subsequent jeers by the loyal followers get a little tiresome if not predictable, considering how much visual and factual information has been laid to waste on Alaska websites after the RNC got done last year cleaning up Palin's background for public consumption.

Philip Munger said...


your wish is my command! Update coming

joanne in AK said...

"Born and raised in this here country perhaps." I think all of our great grand-parents came from other places. I don't think there were any native Alaskans there from the look of things.

mlaiuppa said...

What a nice white line-up there.

If Cheryl Whackjob wishes to give up her rights under the current constitution, she is free to do so by simply not exercising them. I would suggest she give up her right to vote in perpetuity. (You can go to your local library and look that up in the dictionary Cheryl.)

However she has no right to take away mine. I'll vote and I'll own property and if I want to run for and serve in public office, I'll do that too.

How nice of Palin to support a woman who would take away her right to vote and deny her the current office she holds and any other she may covet.

mlaiuppa said...

Hey, Phil.

Have you cleared the cache on your browser? You might be able to view a cached copy of the teaparty site on your machine, depending on computer and browser you use. You might want to look into that.

sjunak said...

AH HA HA HA! This is really funny! I agree with the poster that Cheryl might try seeing how their manifesto would actually work by not voting for a while, signing all her property over to her nearest male relative (if her husband is dead it all goes to her son), and by resigning any position of power she holds and acquiesing to the wishes of men. Also, her spouse can beat her if he wants. Does she realize that?

I once had a fundamentalist Christian tell me that Catholics weren't Christian. So I would also foresee the Christians challenging each other in regards to who is a "real" Christian.

EyeOnYou said...

I find it to be very curious (and quite amusing) that the 20 manifesto was removed from the Tea Party site. I wonder why? Are they worried that it will make them look bad? If they had the courage of their claimed convictions they would make it visible for all to see.

mlaiuppa said...

Maybe it was removed because:

1. It was written by Cheryl, a woman.

2. The woman was not authorized to post it.

3. It might make them look like whackjobs. Or ignorant of the U.S. Constitution. Or both.

Gee, I wonder why Cheryl is the leader of this teabagger party? By her own words, she has no right to that position.

Her manifesto undermines Palin as Governor, Palin being a woman and all.

Cheryl: take off your shoes and get back into the kitchen where you belong. (How does that sound?)

Anonymous said...

Palin chose to go to a "tea party" with a small number of right wing extremists. Instead she could have gone to the opening of the Anchorage Museum and celebrated our culture-- something far more Alaskans advocate than her palling around with the far right. More than 10 thousand people showed up at the museum. I'm pretty sure she was invited too. Now we know where she was instead.

sauerkraut said...

Why isn't this Cheryl person advocating for the return of Cotton Mather? Or the Articles of Confederation? Bunch of dumb revisionists.

Phil... you will like my word verification: retard. Seriously !!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, isn't it, how Obama voters were supposedly members of a "cult" who considered him their "Messiah."

I have never before witnessed the amount of juvenile adulation which is given to Mrs. Todd Palin. If ANYONE is in need of deprogramming, it would be the robotic followers of Saint Sarah of Wasilla.

Bayani said...

What is pictured on that tee-shirt? I got curious and tried to find out more about this Patriotic Tea Party and ran across this racist anti-diversity rant of Cheryl Brooks':
I also saw a video of her opening remarks from the Racist Tea Party where she questions President Obama's citizenship: http://tiny.cc/SKCvm
Is Sarah Palin a member of this racist, treasonous group?

Anonymous said...

Their list is still up, under " We the People Demand"

Anonymous said...

Saturday Wasilla Tea Bag Party Update and Corrections - With Another Update (!)

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Anonymous said...

It's so difficult to accept criticism or suggestions from twits on either side of this polarizing issue when the comments are peppered so heavily with name calling and other willfully degrading comments.

What are you trying to accomplish here? Is it effecting change or are you people trying to get on some dysfunctional cheerleading squad? There is a center-of-the-road possibility but you have to get out of the ditch to reach it.