Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comparing the Ongoing Tehran and Anchorage Protests

First of all, there is no comparison in numbers involved, in danger to participants, and to the importance of the outcome to a wide array of vital issues concerned. For instance, this sad incident from Saturday in Tehran, says so much:

This 26-year-old girl, Neda Agha Soltan, was attending the Saturday demonstrations with her father. She was shot and killed, according to most reports, by the religious paramilitary auxiliaries who came in so handy at the end of the week, in quashing peoples' expressions against having their country dominated by religious nutcases.

More people will probably be killed today - Monday - as they march to mourn her martyrdom.

This happened because a country allowed religious superstition to take over the public discourse. It is happening in Iran. It is happening in Saudi Arabia. It is happening in Israel.

And it is happening in Anchorage.

Jerry Prevo has often been labeled an "Ayatollah." His minions are now being described as "Talibangelicals."

They would be, should they be granted more power. They are seeking more power.

In Iran. people want to be freed from the tyranny of religious superstition.

In Israel, people want to be freed from the tyranny of religious superstition.

And, in Anchorage, people want to be freed from the tyranny of religious superstition.

The commonalities among these three YouTubes may be more obvious to some than others. But the differences between demonstrations in Tehran, Tel Aviv or Anchorage have less to do with the differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity, than they have to do with how much power we allow ourselves to grant to the worst aspects of our spiritual edifices.

The time has come to seriously consider the Anchorage Baptist Temple's tax-exempt status. The sooner, the better.


EyeOnYou said...

It is past time to consider the tax exempt status of Anchorage Baptist Church. The time has come to revoke it. They are a political action group now.

btw..wv: muckin
how appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Yep, ABT has passed the test. They are indeed a political action group now.

Anonymous said...

But how does one file a complaint against ABT? What would be the basis of the complaint?

I think ABT figures they can get away with pretty much anything because no one will challenge them.

This would make for an interesting public opinion survey-- is Mr. Prevo primarily a minister or a politician? Is ABT a church or a political organization?

Blue_in_AK said...

Phil and friends, I have posted some photos of the Pridefest parade and picnic at my website here:

Blue_in_AK said...

Oh, I think I may have done something wrong on that hyperlink. (This is the first time I've tried it.) Anyway, cut and paste and check out the pictures. :)

Blue_in_AK said...

One more time. Cut and paste THIS one.

Sorry for my computer illiteracy, Phil.

EvilMonkey said...

Don't forget one of the biggest differences between Iran and Anchorage: there are no gays in Iran. JP lives for the day when he can say the same about Alaska. Like all faith based conflicts, what a collosal waste of time, energy and emotion.

Blue_in_AK said...

Oh, boy, it still didn't pick up all the numbers for some reason, and even though I'm cutting and pasting the whole link, only part of it is showing up. So the fix is go here and click on the one that says "Anchorage Pridefest 2009"

Anonymous said...

Why does it bother Dr. Prevo that there are gays seeking rights, but it doesn't appear to bother him one iota that people who are sent to prison often get in involved in same-gender relationships and come out with PTSD from the whole experience? Why isn't he advocating for better conditions in prisons and jails and that people who are in state custody actually come out in better shape than when they went in?

He could be shining light onto causes instead of his shadow of gloom. Shorter sentences, effective treatment.

This seems like it is way off, but it's not. I am preaching to the choir here, but he seems to cherry pick his problems that can rile people, not actually help them.

How could one with so much power not be using it for GOOD?

Dan Heynen said...

Right on Phil. Fundamentalism of any sort is a cancer on a free society.

Anonymous said...

Unless I am uninformed, I believe that ABT is the only nonprofit status church group that is so involved with this Anchorage Assembly debacle (disastrous confusion). Very interesting comparison of church power within nation states.

Thanks for the continuous up dates.

Bob Broughton said...

Here's a piece of writing I did on this subject last Fall that I thought was pretty good: Which one is an extremist?

BS said...

When will people ever learn? Theocracy never works. It will probably take another 100 years or so to realize it world-wide. The Blumenthal video says a lot. I'll be dead but I think my grandchildren and great grandchildren will have a better world. The times, they are a changin.'

Eureka Springs, AR said...

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Anonymous said...

Comparing the Ongoing Tehran and Anchorage Protests....

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