Thursday, June 11, 2009

Juliana Osinchuk Performing Her Variations on Alaska's Flag (in Memory of Bill Tobin)

Having made three arrangements of Alaska's Flag myself, having edited Curtis Blake's jazz-like harmonization, and being familiar with most of the versions out there, I find this to be the best of the lot.

Juliana performed this as an encore at the April Anchorage Symphony Orchestra concert. She had just performed Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto.

More Performances by Juliana Osinchuk on the web - playing my music:

Semichi Toccata
Channel Fever
The Fragile Vessel (Images at an Installation)
The Dark Passage


funkalunatic said...

AK anthem > US anthem

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you. A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of hearing Paul Rosenthal play his "Bravura Variations on Alaska's Flag Song" at the Juneau Jazz and Classics festival. The Rosenthal piece is outstanding, as well -- no competition implied; both artists obviously love Alaska and manifest that love with appropriate (but disparate) creations and performances.
~Phil Smith
Juneau, AK

Philip Munger said...

Phil S,

I thought of Paul's variations when I wrote this. I used to have a copy, but it's long gone. I looked for it on YouTube, and it wasn't there.

You're right that Paul's variations are outstanding.

I was just talking to Paul a week ago, getting advice on the Glazunov violin concerto.

HarpboyAK said...

I have to agree with Phil (Smith) that Paul's variations are outstanding. It's still in print, but if you can't find a copy I can get one for you...

Julie said...

Juliana Osinchuk Performing Her Variations on Alaska's Flag (in Memory of Bill Tobin),....'

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