Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dogs of War

Shannyn and Kelly's dog, Watson, made the cover of The Mudflats this morning. AKM caught him peeing on Prevo's malignant debris.

Good puppy, Watson!

I took the next photo at an anti-war demonstration over two years ago. Military moms, their kids, and a couple of dogs. The dog's sign read "Which Bush Can I Pee On?"

The last photo is of my dog, Strider, with his labtop. He's dlogging at firedoglake:


Blue_in_AK said...

Labtop. :rofl: You crack me up, Phil.

Philip Munger said...

B_in_K - He wants Watson to tutor him on twitter.

AKPetMom said...

Go Watson, those stupid red shirt signs are "for you to poop on"!
(or pee on). Triumph the insult dog would be proud!

Go Strider, is that a MacBook Pro that you are using?

Philip Munger said...

To AKPetMom, from Strider,

It is a Shetlands MacBook, specially designed for my paws. Instead of "qwerty," it is set up for a "ruff-bow-wow-arff-woof" keyboard.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Man's Best Friend.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Go Dogs Go!
Shannyn's dog says "piss on it!"
GSD says "I will piss on it!"
Phil's dog, "is dissin' it!"

I want to teach my dog how to "dlog it"! :)

Bobby said...

I got a dog of war for you. My Los Angeles truck accident attorney, he's a really killer.

Anonymous said...

3 1/2 years later Obama no better than Bush.
Where are the protests?