Monday, June 8, 2009

More Wildflower and Greenhouse Pictures

Wild roses

Siberian irises

Dwarf dogwood

Wild geraniums

Star flowers and red Himalayan flowers

Wild columbine

Domestic pink columbine

A hybrid of the above two columbines (columbines do that fairly readily)

Chocolate lilies

Basil in the greenhouse

The biggest tomato yet this year



Visitor said...

Mr. Munger: I loved your call to Van Flein on the EB show today. Thank you for asking that question. It was interesting how he completely ignored it.

How can he sleep at night? Ugh.

Philip Munger said...


It was my pleasure(ism)...

Actually, he didn't exactly completely ignore my question. He first tried to change the subject, but when I kept at him, he declared that the Legislative Council action was politically motivated, that the governor had to file her own complaint against herself in reaction to it, and then did ignore addressing the Gwartney matter entirely. So, he characterized our bipartisan legislature as frivolous. That ought to help his client.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures......

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