Monday, June 22, 2009

Poem for Neda

This is a paraphrase of a poem by Thushara Wijeratna. He wrote it in 2003, to honor the martyrdom of Rachel Corrie. The paraphrase honors Neda Agha Soltan.

The Skies Are Weeping

The birds have flown away
With rain-sodden flowers in hand
I wait for you, Neda…

The rain drops trickle
Washing the scent off the mourning tulips
Pounding the healing earth
The howling winds and trembling blades of grass
Calling for you, Neda…

Dust dancing around my knees
Walling me in, and my grief
From the weeping heavens faintly at first
I hear you, Neda…

You give strength to my tears
And resolve to my limbs
As I stand up with my broken tulips
The skies are clearing
The earth is sprouting fresh blades of grass
That whisper your name, Neda…

The winds are gentle
Reassuring in their calmness
Heaven and earth rejoice today
As you’re with me again, Neda…

--- Thushara Wijeratna

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