Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching Up on Mat-Su Valley News

I. Now here's a true icon - Katie Hurley!

Katie will be the
Grand Marshall of the 2009 Wasilla Water Festival Parade, on the 4th of July.

Katie was Secretary of
Alaska's Constitutional Convention. Along with Convention delegate Vic Fischer, Alaska's Thomas Jefferson (Vic framed much of the language of our constitution), Katie is Alaska's greatest living Democrat.

Back in 2006, Katie ran against Vic Kohring for the Wasilla Alaska House seat, a seat she had once held. She was active in last year's Democratic Party Convention, held in Palmer, and may be the only person in the Valley who could have beat Talis Colberg in the mayoral race for the borough, earlier this June.

The Mat-Su Democrats will be marching together in the same parade. We welcome anybody who wants to march with us Saturday. We'll also be gathering together right after the parade, at Nunley Park (250 E. Swanson), kiddy corner from Wasilla City Hall. We'll be serving ice cream, homemade goodies and punch. We'll be hanging out at Nunley Park until at least 1:30 p.m. on parade day.

Come join us!

III. Erick Cordero was appointed the the Mat-Su School Board earlier this year. He's running for the job, now. He's holding a campaign kickoff planning meeting this evening (Tuesday) at Vagabond Blues, in Palmer. If you're interested in pitching in for one of the most outstanding young people to get involved in Valley politics in years, be there!

If you're in Palmer over he next few days, you may be interviewed. Radio Free Palmer is training young people - very young people, like middle schoolers on up - to become news and public affairs reporters. They're out and about over the next few days.

I just found out yesterday that the owner of
KMBQ-FM (99.7) radio in Wasilla (and an owner of other stations, including Anchorage's KBYR), John Klapperich has been providing valuable support to Radio Free Palmer, as they slowly but surely get closer to providing full public radio service to Palmer and the eastern Mat-Su metropolitan area.

John's gone green at
KMBQ. He will also be the master of ceremonies for the Wasilla Water Festival Parade.

I'll be playing in the
Mat-Su Community Band during the hour before the parade. They will play near the Teeland's Building, or on the deck of the Teeland's Building.

images - Katie Hurley by PA; Erick Cordero by Celtic Diva


Anonymous said...

Small correction

In 1994 it was Pat Carney, and not KT, who was the Democrat Incumbent when Vic Kohring was elected. It has been a few years since KT was in the house.

Conservatives join in recognizing the wonderful contributions KT has made to Alaska. She is a Class Act.


Philip Munger said...

Thanks Robert. She is! Hope to visit you before the 4th!

Wolfe Tone said...

It's nice to see the recognition given to Katie Hurley.
I worked with her for a long time in Juneau.
She's an amazing woman, and a real By God™ Democrat.

Anonymous said...

We'll be hanging out at Nunley Park until at least 1:30 p.m. on parade day.

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