Monday, June 1, 2009

The Truth About Trans Employees

--- by E. Ross

Alishia is a firefighter. Enoch is a university professor. Dana is a software engineer. Jesse is an HIV prevention educator. Each makes invaluable contributions in the work place and in the community. And each faces the threat of losing a job, being denied housing or health care, and suffering violence and harassment simply for being transgender.

In Everyone Matters: Dignity and Safety for Transgender People, Alishia, Enoch, Dana, and Jesse talk about their jobs, their family, their hopes, and their worries. Framed by hope and optimism, their stories nevertheless show how vulnerable transgender people still are, and highlight the need for comprehensive laws to ensure that people can obtain and retain employment, remain safe on the streets, and have access to health care and housing.

Everyone Matters allows the viewer to hear from transgender people first-hand about their lives, and makes a powerful case for the passage of transgender-inclusive anti-discrimination and hate crimes laws.

Please watch this important video:


Aussie Blue Sky said...

Great video, Phil. Love shines out of your blog every day - that's why I like it so much.

Anonymous said...

My sister surgically transitioned while she was employed at IBM. I give both Microsoft and IBM enormous kudos for supporting transgender rights, but equality policies shouldn't hinge on the consciences of companies alone. This is a civil rights issue, and comprehensive legal protections are vitally needed.

Thanks for the love, too, Phil! I've lived first hand with the damage hate speech and acts can do to my family because of my sister, and I appreciate how much caring is in all of your posts.


Philip Munger said...


My life has been fortunate, in that specific things I've been through or observed have taught me more tolerance, rather than less.

My intolerance toward all fundamentalisms is the main exception, I guess.

Anonymous said...


I'll bet you're a great teacher, Phil. In the short time I've been reading Progressive Alaska, I've learned so much.


E. Ross said...

Thanks for cross-posting this from Bent Alaska!

Prevo's focus on fear of "men in dresses" as the way to defeat the Anchorage equal rights ordinance shows that we need much more awareness around transgender people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love, too, Phil! I've lived first hand with the damage hate speech and acts can do to my family

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