Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rock Garden Blooms Increasing in the Warm Weather

Here are more pictures from Judy's rock garden.

The Columbines are now beginning to bloom

We have several different colors of Columbine

A Morel mushroom

More flowers

Shooting stars

More flowers


Steve said...

Looking good Judy.

KaJo said...

I have a delicious recipe from Holland America Lines that includes sauteed Morel mushrooms, scallions, blanched asparagus, a cream sauce and gnocchi.

It's delicious, especially if you saute the mushrooms and the scallions with minced garlic. I substituted Bertolli Alfredo sauce in a jar for the cream sauce, and the end result was superb.

And what inspired me to use this recipe was a visit to Trader Joe's, where I picked up the package of gnocchi, which cooked up perfectly.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

beautiful, just beautiful! :)
Judy must have a green thumb! What a lovely rock garden, thanks for sharing.

clark said...

i'm usually the last one to get excited about chain stores.... but i could definitely handle a trader joe's in anch.

CelticDiva said...

Future plans...a rock garden in the area that we have a bunch of stumps.

Judy's is absolutely gorgeous :D

Kellie said...

Great job, Judy!

When do frogs come out? She needs a resident frog in her garden.

Philip Munger said...


The morels showed up last spring. I wait until they're starting to dry out, then pick 'em and shake the spores around the garden area, hoping they will spread. Last yea we had two, this year, five.


Ditto on an Anchorage TJ's.


The frogs have wandered into the rock garden occasionally, but they prefer more moist areas, like the back of the shop, in the strawberry patch.

Anonymous said...

i could definitely handle a trader joe's in anch./////

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