Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Miscellany

Tomorrow will be my first day on my new job with SarahTV. All employees at SarahTV are required to wear American Flag lapel pins. At all times. no exceptions.

I got my suit cleaned, got a fresh haircut, and went looking in Wasilla for an American Flag lapel pin. You'd think it would have been easy. I remember last year, every Republican in the USA and many Democrats, wearing those little pins. Sean Hannity, on his FAUX News TV program, would badger people who didn't wear them.

So, you'd think that it would be very easy to find one in Wasilla. It wasn't. Sarah Palin's red-as-moose roast home town seem to be plain out of them. Even Gold Nugget Jewelry, a really cool place, didn't have any that weren't gold and jewel encrusted. I'll wait until I'm president and general manager of SarahTV before I get one of those.

Oh, wait - I AM President and General Manager of SarahTV.

But, I'm also cheap.

I eventually found pins that come close - lapel pins with both the Alaska and US flags, entwined forever. Wal-Mart, a place I usually avoid, had them. This will have to do, unless somebody knows of a place in Anchorage or the Valley that has what I want - HUGE American Flag lapel pins.

Kodiak Island Brewing Company has a new seasonal brew:
The Alaska Teabagger Party will be having a picnic on May 30th. I hope to be there, on another gig for SarahTV. Here's their manifesto:

1. No legislator shall be in office for more than two (2) years term limits.

2. All legislators must pay into the Social Security yearly from their wages.

3. No legislator shall be able to give themselves raises, the American people will vote for these raises on the legislator’s record.

4. All legislation shall be posted on the internet for five (5) days, the legislator has forty eight (48) hours to read said legislation before voting and a three (3) day cooling off period after legislation has been signed to recall said legislation before moving to the President for signing.

5. Any government official whether the President or the Janitor does not comply, honor, pledge the Constitution of the United States will be thrown out of office and newly elected will replace them.

6. Any legislator that breaks the law, ex: (tax evasion, lobbying, conflict of interest) will not be rewarded with monies or committees.

7. The American people would have the right to throw any legislator out of office if anyone of them does not read legislation before voting on them.

8. No government official shall start a war if they do not intend to win a war.

9. We need to abolish the Electoral College and the American people would determine who will be the President.

10. All candidates for government service must go through a mandatory universal service either in the Armed Service or through Community involvement before being vetted for candidacy.

11. English would be our main language in the United States.

12. No more amnesty programs for illegal immigrants. All will abide by United States immigration laws or will be arrested and deported back to their countries.

13. Any immigrants in this country or coming to this country will abide by the laws of the United States of America.

14. The words “In God We Trust” would never be abolished from our monies, schools, government installations.

15. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag will be restored back in our schools.

16. Our constitution would never be amended; the founding structure would be forever the same.

17. The fair Tax would be instrumented to everyone.

18. Our military personnel active or veteran status would be afforded complete health care with no stipulations.

19. Christianity will again be restored as our main religious entity.

20.Big government will not be allowed, no handouts and accountability and transparency will be the law of the land


Anonymous said...

Well, I think you can find the exact kind of flag lapel pin at ebay...below is a link to flag pins. Watch out, though...there's one for $4, joke! But, you will be able to find an economy pin for about $.99.

Happy shopping! See ya tomorrow!

Star the wonder pup said...

You had me there for just a brief minute:)

As to the teabaggers, where can I get their weed?

Mary said...

Did you try eBay?

I wouldn't put in lapel pin in a search if you want huge. Use flag brooch or flag pin. They'll be for women but a flag is a flag is a flag. And isn't the size of the flag commensurate with the degree of your patriotism?

I have several. Bought them after Obama won. I wore red, white and blue for weeks; taking back my country. I wouldn't recommend the one I have with rhinestones but I have one that is just enameled paint that is large and a bit masculine. It's not flat but curved like it's forever waving.

Since you are president and general manager I think you can wear pretty much anything you want. Or not. Who is going to fire you?

In the meantime, you've got Walmart. Rather apropos that Walmart is the only place you could get your little teabagger, right wingnut ode to the plumbers of America.

Sean who?
Does it say "made in china" on the back?

Mary said...

Oh, and I think the Alaskan teabagger nutjobs should institute their little 20 thesis by nailing them to their capitol door and living by them in Alaska for a few decades before they try to foist them on the rest of the nation. I for one ain't buying. And I doubt the Alaskan legislature will either.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Phil, you should get a "where's sarah?" badge from "Mud"!

Peter Stanton said...

The Tea Party has a few good ideas, but they are obviously very conflicted. The major of their proposals would require major changes to the Constitution, and yet at the same time they say it should never be amended.

I think some people got fed a little too much propaganda...

Peter Stanton said...

(The majority* of their proposals, that is.)

Anonymous said...

The 'baggers need a dictionary, a grammar and course in basic logic and a copy of the constitution.

Point number 16, banning constitutional amendments would also invalidate points 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 19. It would also ban amending the constitution in order to ban amending the constitution. Fully half of their proposals would be invalidated by proposal 16.

Do the 'baggers really think that legislation is signed twice (point 4) or that there is only one armed service (point 10)?

What does the verb "instrumented" mean? (point 17)

And after Christianity has been re-restored as our main "religious entity" can we then re-unrestore it and redo it all over again?

And finally, am I right in understanding that point 7 means that if any American doesn't read legislation before voting on a legislator then any legislator can be thrown out of an office? If I don't read the budget next year then you can throw Don Young out a window? Hey, seems like a good idea to me...

dianedp said...

What about our Jewish population?
They are no longer citizens with freedom of religion?
Please, they do not want transparency of government.
All their friends would be in jail.

But seriously, this "manifesto" sounds more communist then the supposed "socialist" President and "socialist" democratic party ever was.

Jaime from Wasilla said...

Sounds like "Teabaggers Uber Alles" to me.

clark said...

that's the weirdest manifesto i've ever read. how do we 'restore' a theocracy when we have never been a theocracy?

KaJo said...

"And finally, am I right in understanding that point 7 means that if any American doesn't read legislation before voting on a legislator then any legislator can be thrown out of an office? If I don't read the budget next year then you can throw Don Young out a window? Hey, seems like a good idea to me..."No, but it were to be retroactive, that would mean that EVERY REPUBLICAN congressman/senator who complained about not having "time" to read (a specious excuse if ever there was one; Begich did) President Obama's stimulus bill last February could be ousted.

Yeah, throw the bums out!


KaJo said...

One last comment: I just went over to the site and saw this claim, despite only half a dozen people being in any of their pictures posted:

"We had a good turn out at the Wasilla Patriot Tea Party/Rally on May 30. Governor Sarah Palin, breifly stopped by the Rally. About 250 people signed in and many people that attended did not..."

I wonder if they were counting the 250 or so people in the OTHER Teabag party, the one on April 15th?

Yeah, Alaska has its own far-right pseudoACORN fraud.... :)

karen marie said...

i'm surprised they had the sense to pull the "manifesto" from their web site.

it sounds as though it were conceived of and written by a fourth grade dropout.

Anonymous said...

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