Monday, May 4, 2009

Saradise Found - Chapter 6 -- Addled Oxycontin Addict & Viagra Abuser Complains About Jeb Bush & Mitt Romney Hating Palin


basheert said...

I try to imagine a more adorable couple. Can't you just see it? Rush and Palin?

The fat drug addict who takes HUGE amounts of Viagra to the Dominican Republic to screw little boys? And SP?

I love the new look of the Republics. It makes me proud to be an American.

vonrupert said...

2:36 "Presidential perspirations" ??? Rush is such a joke! I am sure he was being "pacific" about their perspirations as well!! LMAO!!

basheert said...

Well he certainly represents my view of the current "Republic" party.

Fat, drug addicted, dependent upon Viagra, takes "little boy" tours to the Dominican Republic.

Yup - smells like a Republic icon to me.

That and Diaper Dave Vitter - oh yeah...class!

Anonymous said...

Palin get a kickback on "Coffee" sales to Rush?

Anonymous said...

Palin got a kickback for BlowJ(((BS TO Rus???

Ooops sorry~

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