Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bloggers on the Bus - The Reviews are Beginning to Come In

It came out yesterday. I haven't gotten my review copy yet. Several friends have, though, and they're beguiled as they read.

The first reviews are mostly mixed in respect to Boehlert's coverage of the split in the lefty blogosphere between HRC supporters on the one hand, and Obama supporters on the other, in late 2007, until the Democratic Party convention. The other criticism is that some feel Boehlert's dating of the beginning of his narrative - around 2001 - is late, and by doing that, he managed to cut out some important early figures in the importance of liberal and progressive blogs.

The first review up at is quite positive toward Boehlert's coverage of our Alaska bloggers:

Worth the price of this book alone is "Saradise Lost," Boehlert's chapter on the tireless Alaskan bloggers who detailed the unlacquered history of McCain's surprise choice of running mate.

For example, before late August 2008, to non-Alaskans Governor Sarah Palin was known primarily to policy wonks (like me) who were following "Troopergate" and her other ethical irregularities. Once Palin was named John McCain's running mate, readers who wanted to know more--much more--about her encountered bloggers who bore unfamiliar names, such as Shannyn Moore and Andrew Halcro, and sites including The Mudflats, Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis, The Immoral Minority, and PalinDeception, just to name a few.

image - Zina Saunders


Aussie Blue Sky said...

Great review, Phil! :)

Anonymous said...

you must be really proud.

when is the movie going to come out ?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I am awaiting my copy too! :)
I think AKM got a copy already, but she hasn't reviewed it for us yet.
I will be interested to see how the blogs were going in 2001?
I didn't get involved until GINO got picked! It was such a horrifying thought of her VP, I got involved! I think for many others it was the same, so I totally agree with that review from Amazon. I remember reading Saradise lost and being ! Shocked!
You guys all ROCK! The Alaskan Bloggers rule! You guys have inspired many to start blogging about GINO, Palingates is one, she is in France, and after a blogger was threatened by a palinbot and closed her blog down, Palingates came online. There have been so many anti-palin blogs inspired by Alaskan bloggers.

regina said...

Sarah Palin inspired bloggers from Timbuktu to France because she posed a serious threat to world peace. But more inspiring are the progressive bloggers from Alaska, who offer a glimpse of this mysterious, intriguing land. It's absolutely wonderful that they're being given credit for the priceless service they provided during the campaign.
Well done Phil and all the others!

CelticDiva said...

France...there are Palin-inspired bloggers in France? **grins at Regina**

I am eagerly awaiting my copy coming in the mail!

basheert said...

Hi everyone, this is SO exciting. You guys (all of you) rock! And thanks to all of you Alaska bloggers for keeping us up to date on your resident GINO.

Cannot wait to read the book.
Hi Regina!!! France huh?

Anonymous said...

Awwww, shucks, Phil! That was my review!

Leslie in D.C.