Monday, May 4, 2009

Three Recent YouTubes on the Torture Debate - Updated -- Four YouTubes

Rachel Maddow and Philip Zelikow (April 21st) - Part One:

Rachel Maddow and Philip Zelikow - Part Two:

Condalezza Rice at Stanford (April 27th):

Here's Rice yesterday, answering a 4th grader's question about torture, at a Jewish School in Bethesda, MD (thanks to commenter basheert):


basheert said...

Philip: Hi - these are great. Did you see on Raw Story that Condi was questioned about torture by a 4th grade student at a Jewish school today?
Even the children knows she's in favor of torture.

Here is the link:

basheert said...

Yay - you caught it!

midnightcajun said...

I like the Republicans with "presidential perspirations."

Funny that I never before noticed that the Big L uses the cadences of a preacher. Best way to get through to his Christianst Taliban audience, I guess.