Sunday, May 17, 2009

At The Jefferson-Jackson Alaska Democratic Party Dinner

Watching and listening to U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) speak to a large room full of smiling Democrats in the Dena'ina Center Saturday night, I wasn't the only one struck by how weird it felt to be watching Mark do this at the new convention center he helped put together.

I thought I was going to hate that building. The place is growing on me, though. A "build it and they will come" idea that might work.

Begich's talk was laid back, mostly light, as he picked a theme based on how he's trying to build relationships, isn't waiting for invitations to attend to business for Alaskans, and having to creatively deal with his son Jacob's growing notoriety in the Capitol.

Ethan Berkowitz bought me a beer - Alaska Summer Ale. I got to hug Katie Hurley. I met someone I've been wanting to meet for years, Bob Poe's wife, Terzah. Diane Benson scolded me for not going to her garage sale today (I hate garage sales).

The Alaska Democratic Party is having some organizational leadership changes. Longtime communications director Kay Brown is leaving to work for the Bob Poe Campaign. Executive director Mike Coumbe is leaving for Europe. He worked so hard from mid 2007 through the end of the Begich vs. Stevens vote count, he deserves a long vacation.

Proven fundraiser and environmental activist Deborah Williams will replace Mike. She's almost too well organized to be a Democrat.

The Mudflats has some great commentary and photos.


Sen. Begich

Terzah and Shannyn

Deborah and Mike

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