Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 48 -- The ADN, Stuck in the Middle of This

At 9:40 a.m. this morning, the Anchorage Daily News posted an article at their politics blog, about Bristol Palin's appearance on national television this morning, where she backtracked from her "sexual abstinence isn't realistic" pragmatism, to a position more in line with her mom's insistence that for everyone else in the world, unlike for Sarah Heath and Bristol Palin, abstinence works.

The ADN PoliBlog post, written by David Hulen, was typical ADN boilerplate stenography, including videos of Bristol Palin's TV appearance, and of Levi Johnston's TV appearance on another venue this morning. Hulen's piece was almost entirely derived from quotes you can find anywhere. They were strung together in humdrum fashion.

I do the same thing here at Progressive Alaska. Especially if I know I've beat outlets like the ADN by minutes, hours or days (anytime after 5:00 p.m. on Fridays usually works until at least the ADN Sunday edition) on a worthwhile story.

Last night, before the TV interviews, The Mudflats was way ahead of the ADN and all the rest of us. As AK Muckraker just explained to me over the phone, when she heard the name "Candies Foundation," a bell rang. She did some checking, discovering that the foundation with which Bristol is working, comes up with a wide array of products, ads, and philanthropic endeavors.

AK Muckraker put up a post last night, called Celebrating Mixed Messages. The photo at the top of this post (thanks, Mudflats) is one of the's least provocative fashion (as in femdom boots) ads.

The Mudflats article links to a number of statements which show how manipulated young Bristol appears to be in this present scenario. The ADN poliblog post wouldn't dare to be so critical of the Palins' duplicity and hypocrisy.

The ADN poliblog entry, now up at their site for about nine hours, claims to have all of 25 comments. 18 of them show up. The Mudflats post, up since late last night, now has 342 responses. All of them show up if you scroll down through the pages of interesting conversation.

This is another example of how and why ossified response structures like the ADN, for instance, are becoming less relevant on some topics than rapid response structures like The Mudflats, for instance.

And, more or less, PA predicted that what is happening with Bristol's manipulation in the media was inevitable. On November 15th, and on February 16th. Once again - the ADN wouldn't have and couldn't have dared to discuss what was to many of us, blindingly obvious.


Jen said...

what are the odds that Bristol got this gig 'cuz mama needed a new pair of shoes?

sauerkraut said...


I like that word.

You should check out Doug at at your leisure. He often presents unusual words with Bierce's definitions, plus his own updated version.

And there's rarely anything Palin on his.

Mudflats said...

Hi Phil!
Thanks for the nice writeup. Hadn't thought of things that way. You bring a great perspective as always! :0)

And I remember those posts of yours from months ago.

basheert said...

Let me guess. The ADN is again deleting anything that the C4Peeeeers don't like?

The ADN is not fit to lie under my catpans.

KaJo said...

Phil, you said, "The photo at the top of this post (thanks, Mudflats) is one of the's least provocative fashion (as in femdom boots) ads."I dunno about you, Phil, but that ad you have pictures absolutely SCREAMS "porn" to me.

A smirking dude at a computer with his fingers on the keys, and a desktop picture showing the space shuttle and its blastoff heading straight up towards....

Well, hm. Makes you wonder what's going to happen if he actually hits the keys he's touching.