Friday, May 29, 2009

Three Clips from My John Ziegler Interview Thursday Night

I interviewed film maker John Ziegler for about ten minutes yesterday evening, after the Anchorage showing of his new film, Media Malpractice. Here are three segments, edited by the Alaska Report's Dennis Zaki. He comments here abut local journalist Brendan Joel Kelley, Daily Beast journalist Max Blumenthal, and film maker Michael Moore:

Propagandist John Ziegler on Alaska reporter Brendan Joel Kelley from Dennis Zaki on Vimeo.

Republican propagandist John Ziegler rips award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal from Dennis Zaki on Vimeo.

Republican propagandist John Ziegler rips filmmaker Michael Moore from Dennis Zaki on Vimeo.

Kelley was on Eddie Burke's KBYR talk program this afternoon, between 3:08 and 4:00. Kelley spent some of the time disparaging Alaska's liberal and progressive bloggers. He provided no specific information about why he feels as he does.

Although my interview with Ziegler went reasonably well, Kelley was thrown out of the theater, after he and Ziegler had a somewhat confrontative conversation. Here's the YouTube Kelley had made of his unpleasant experience:

Kelley writes about the experience in a story for the Anchorage Press.

I'd like to thank KBYR for helping to set up my interview. Hopefully, Dennis Zaki will have the interviews I conducted after the movie with filmgoers ready soon.

One notable thing about John Ziegler was that he wasn't charitable toward anyone in the press, left, center or right; he was dismissive of every politician who came up, save one - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

I admire you, Phil. I couldn't last one minute with that idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ziegler always looks and sounds high or drunk to me.

As for his nonarrest early, he brought the whole thing upon himself. All he had to do was move a few feet, but that wouldn't have made good footage.

The man is a hack with no respect for anyone with a differing opinion...sorta like his goddess.

I admire your intestinal fortitude, Mr Munger.

Mary said...

So you interviewed this guy. And he obviously didn't know who you were. Exactly who *did* he think you were? You were interviewing him. So you're some sort of media. Right?

And who does he think *he* is? Is he some sort of media giant? God's gift to documentary journalism?(In his own mind I guess.)

Philip Munger said...


I interviewed Ziegler as Philip Munger. He knew my name for hours before the interview. I told him that I'm an Alaska blogger, and that we'd be flmed by Dennis Zaki, who sometimes works for CNN. I told him that I'd probably be the only person there dressed in a blue sports coat, white shirt, red and blue tie, with an American Flag lapel pin. He didn't seem interested in what questions I might ask.

He had a laptop. He could have easily googled my name, which would have directed him to tons of information that indicates I am not known as a conservative.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the Vimeo clips to play, the Youtube clip worked fine.

CNN, get outta here, really ?

Anonymous said...

I agree, he looks and sounds as if he's drunk. That was my first impression. My second was that he obviously has limited intellectual abilities. He had no coherent arguments to back up any of his statements at all. All he had to offer is hatred and vitriol for anybody who doesn't share his viewpoint, or who doesn't bow to his enormous ego. This need to resort to name-calling is downright sad.

Mary said...


I suspect the only name Ziegler googles is John Ziegler.

Anonymous said...

Good work, Phil. Ziegler is an appropriate "documentarian" for Palin...both are witless, no-talent idiots with unwarranted egos to match. Both are pimping each other out on this "film": Palin always love more face time to whine to a camera; Ziegler is riding the old gray mare for her notoriety.

Ziegler's talents as a film maker wouldn't fit in Michael Moore's right shoe.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Propagandist, lol! That's great, exactly what he is!
UGH! from the descriptions here I better have more coffee before watching that idiot JZ.
He, didn't he get kicked out of something like kelley?
I heard a certain website is claiming 600 people showed, lol.
(someone on mudflats said this)
Wishful thinking? lol, Lying more like it!
Thanks to you and Dennis For the interview.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I just saw one clip with him talking about "kelley"
This guy is on something! He looks higher than a kite!
Does he have a medical condition? He's just out there!
Sips more coffee, gonna watch the others ones.
You two, really went beyond the call of duty for this one!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I would love to see Micheal Moore's comment on the last video!
God the guy is just such a pompous ass!
If he doesn't have a medical condition he's on something. Head rolling around and eyes, opening and closing...

Margan said...

yup. i couldn't get the vimeo to work either. slow to load and then only would play the first 5 sec or so. bummer!

aser said...

If you want to see irony in action, watch as the “tingle up the leg” and the “Obama is sort of like God” network challenge John Ziegler on his credibility.

Contessa Brewer doesn't want to actually talk about the subject ...
See a scandal video here:John Ziegler-video

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