Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bill O'Reilly - Accessory to Murder?

The Call:

The Responses:

From the comments appended to the above video:

He deserved to die.

Doctor Tiller deserved what he got no man like him deserves to live.

God be praised an evil man is dead and pray for the release of the killer who shot him

i am thrilled. i praise this hero for doing this.

death to all pro aborts . they dehumanize their preborn victims.

and on and on.....

A suspect was apprehended early this afternoon.

Shannyn Moore has already covered this murder.

One of the best national blogs on issues like what this murder brings up, is David Neiwert's blog,
Orcinus. David is on a break right now, but his article on how this murder ties in with the culture that supports it will be definitive.


mlaiuppa said...

I understand Randall Terry is more concerned about what Obama will think than he is over Tiller's murder.

Real respect for life there, Terry.

AKPetMom said...

A-OK in these crazy bastard's book to shoot and kill and accomplished physician but god forbid someone abort a fetus.

This is the biggest hypocritical stance that the far right harbors.

All about "life"; right sure they are. How about "aborting the life" of an accomplished adult with a weapon?

Crazy folks; I give thanks each and every day that my parents raised me w/out religion and instilled common sense and tolerance instead.

Thank you Mom and Dad once again.

Patrick said...


Bill O'Reilly's "death mill" video has now been uploaded to a left-wing youtube channel. Maybe you want to exchange the embedded video, because the guy that originally posted this clip on youtube seems to be a proper right-wing nutcase. Here is the new link:

This is one of the ugliest pieces on TV I have ever seen - Bill O'Reilly claimed that George Tiller, who was murdered today, ran a "death mill", and named him "the so called baby killer".

This whole commentary was basically an incitement to murder on part of Bill O'Reilly, and completely fails to mention that George Tiller performed legal abortions. Bill O'Reilly also must have very well known that George Tiller was the subject of severe attacks by militant "pro-lifers" in the past. In 1993, he was shot in both arms. Bill O'Reilly knew what he was doing here, and he should be held accountable for it. Also, it's interesting how Fox News thinks that it's proper conduct to "ambush" Kathleen Sibelius, then Governor of Kansas. I don't know exactly when this segment was aired, but it must have been about 2 months ago.

Philip Munger said...


I chose that version because it WAS produced by people as you describe them - proper rightwing nutcases.

more later.

onejrkitty said...

And what was Palin's reply when she was asked if she considered abortion clinic bombers to be terrorists?

She's pro-life and ready to kill to prove her point.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Its time to hold those accountable for sowing the seeds of hate. Bill o, limpballs, gino.
GINO went to her right to life gig and these are the nutjobs she is pandering to! Same with that idiot church in Anchorage & the Mormon church's who came to cali sowing seeds of hate for prop 8.
These people are stalkers, murders.
They care about a few cells in the womb, but when the few cells turn in to homeless children do they care?
No! No gov.No FEDS! No welfare. Like Reagan (who was by the way the worse gov of cali and the worst prez outside of bush & co.)
The people are not doing the work of GOD, they are Satan, and I never believed in Satan until I saw his Children...Palin, Freepers, American Jihadist's, Bill o, phony Religions, EVIL!

mlaiuppa said...

Christian Taliban, our own domestic terrorists.

Isn't this what the Patriot Act is for?

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly - Accessory to Murder?

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