Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sen. Begich - AGAIN - Urges Palin to Accept Stimulus Energy Tens of Millions of $$$


zoe said...

She is being reminded the state is asking for BILLIONS....

Anonymous said...

The irony isn't lost that before Begich put on the show of convincing Sarah to take the money, Begich worked to cut the money.

The fact that there would have been more money available for Alaska had Begich not joined with the Repugnants trying to cut the stimulus package is for some reason, no longer part of Begich's newfound populist storyline.

Now that the money has been legislated despite Begich's efforts, suddenly Begich is the defender of a program he tried to torpedo.

Fairly typical reporting.

Fairly typical of the usual revisionist narrative.

basheert said...

Whatever works - she's as usual, screwing the people of Alaska.
And they're grabbing their ankles for her.