Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Progressive Alaska "Our Government Tortured Lots of People to Death" Week - Part Two

Jesse Ventura this morning, on FAUX News' Fox & Friends:

The FAUX guy is extraordinarily creepy in the segment. His talking points show how uninformed he is, but also, how well the torture apologists are sticking to their talking points.

Gov. Ventura is scheduled for a number of media appearances this week, to coincide with the paperback release of his book, Don't Start the Revolution Without Me.


basheert said...

The whole concept that there is a TV Cable network that ADVOCATES torture and supports violating international treaties is appalling.

The rancid drivel spewed by these spoon fed jabberers is absolutely ridiculous.

We tortured, probably at the behest of the 2nd highest office in our country. We violated the Geneva Convention AND the International Torture Convention statutes.

We are GUILTY and we had better get off of our behinds and do something proactive or the rest of the world will think we SUPPORT these actions.

These torture supporters are no different that the SS. They are no different than the Nazis who ran death camps and tortured people for fun.

There can be NO talking points that will ever indemnify these individuals actions. They need to be tried and punishing according to the laws of the international community and the laws of our nation.

These are WAR CRIMES. These individuals didn't shoplift candy.

They beat people up and they killed people. They "disappeared" people. THEY TORTURED HUMAN BEINGS.

This little "wet work" is not legal. Even if FAUX news says so.

This needs to be topic 1 everywhere. This cannot be allowed to go away.

Above all - I believe fervently that the United States must step up to the plate and take legal responsiblity for trying and punishing those individuals who did these inhuman things to other humans.

If we don't do it - someone else will.

It makes us look irresponsible. As a world power, we cannot allow our country to not take the responsibility for the War Crimes that were committed in our names.

We ARE responsible.
We ARE allowing them to get away with this.

This is not going to be pretty for the United States.

mlaiuppa said...

When did Ventura become an Independent? I could have sworn he was a Republican when he was Gov. of MN. But given what I've seen in this video, it doesn't surprise me that he switched sometime during the Bush Administration. He obviously has serious issues with Cheney and Bush and the rest. And he's not shy about expressing them. He can certainly hold his own.

You go Jesse.

Wolfe Tone said...

I'm pleased that Mr. Ventura and I are on the same side on this issue.

Give 'em hell, Mr. Ventura!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm needing my daily smackdown fix!! Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the View on Monday. Hannity on Tuesday. Gonna have to search to see where my fix comes on Wednesday.

Jesse's Smackdown Addiction!!

He's got the voice to overtalk them. Yes!

His references to Hasselbeck on Monday were excellent. When she defended torture, Jesse asked if it was legal, why didn't police use waterboarding then? He asked why did we waterboard McVeigh after the Oklahamo bombing to find out if any others involved.

Excellent response.

Only wished Jesse had asked Hannity when he was going to step up for his waterboarding. I'm sure Jesse would have offered to do it.

Bones AK said...

This IS NOT a Left/right issue it is an American issue.

Torture is a war crime!
A war of aggression is a war crime (Ann Wright is the only on I have seen to bring this up).

I feel that we have lost our moral compass and if a course correction is not made soon, we will never get back on course.