Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Noise Begins

--- by Mel

[Mel will be on KTVA Channel 11 Anchorage's Tuesday evening news at 5:00, 6:00 and possibly at 10:00, discussing aspects of this post]

The Anchorage Daily News has a story by Megan Holland on the proposed equal rights ordinance:

“Assembly to consider gay rights ordinance — Discrimination ban: Proposal would also cover veterans; Rev. Prevo plans fight”

No big surprise that Jerry Prevo of the Anchorage Baptist Temple plans to battle the ordinance — Prevo was also a vocal opponent in the earlier attempts to establish equal rights in Anchorage in the mid-1970s and in 1992-1993. I expect the ADN will have more complete coverage tomorrow. The story confirms what Patrick Flynn indicated in his blog earlier today on Sunday: that the Assembly would hold a public hearing on the proposed ordinance on June 9.

Meanwhile, the homophobes have already begun to climb out of the woodwork in comments on the ADN story. Example:

hhecuba wrote on 05/12/2009 09:20:45 PM:

Is the Anchorage Assembly pro sodomite? Will Anchorage be known as the new Sodom and Gomorra? Will the Anchorage Assembly support the Democrats new hate bill that supports and gives pedophiles and sodomites special privileges, and make it a hate crime for a preacher to give a sermon against homosexuality or normal people to live a their lives in a biblical way?

To which I replied:

Will people like hhecuba continue to ask questions that add nothing to a true civil discussion at all?

It took me some thought to frame my comment as a civil question, rather than to respond in kind. I hope that all of us who favor equal rights for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transfolk will take that kind of time — to take a deep breath & stay calm. Yes, the noise has begun. But a Finnish proverb I like to use as an email .sig comes readily to mind:

Hiljaa hyvä tulee.
(Good comes quietly.)

Which isn’t to say, say nothing. But say it with calm, quiet conviction, rather than spittle-flecked lips.

Foregoing The Daily Show tonight to see what KTVA Channel 11 News has to say in their 10 PM broadcast.

image by Mel of Steve's Alska Pride flag


Mel said...

Minor correction: On KTVA's Wednesday night news.

Anonymous said...

Hiljaa hyvä tulee.

How do you say that? It will become my mantra.

Anonymous said...

How can one group of people decide the rights of another? (I suppose it's the American way because every time a new group came over, they were pushed either south or west of the other settlers.)

Gays adopt and or have kids. They make good parents and they make bad parents-- but it's not because they are gay. How could they be denied rights?

I get flustered then remember how far we've come because 15 years ago, gay marriage was a bizarre concept to some people including myself. Did the words belong in the same sentence? Then the light came on when several friends came out and I knew them to be great people.

Casey said...

Phil...I dont mind saying, I was stunned...stunned I tell you, to discover that you need an ordinance to allow gays the same choice of jobs, housing etc. WTH??? Why on earth has this not been done a long time ago.

My sister is Canada thank heaven. She had times early in her career in a male dominated world..(CFO of a large company at a young age) that she was quiet about her life. After a while though it became apparent to co-workers, and her life has gone on to be very bright and full.

Each summer she hosts a pig roast...(dont judge us..we are Canadians) and there are usually over 200 in attendance. They come from all walks of life...some gay..some not...some family...lots of friends and business aquaintences.

"sigh" I am so glad to be born where I was.