Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sen. Begich Recommends Alaska Chief Justice Dana Fabe for Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy

From Sen. Mark Begich's office:

As President Obama faces his first Supreme Court vacancy, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich has recommended the consideration of Alaska Supreme Court Chief Justice Dana Fabe. Sen. Begich sent a letter to the president today urging him to consider Fabe for the seat.

“As you prepare to fill the upcoming opening on the United States Supreme Court, I urge you to consider one of the finest judges my state has produced in 50 years of statehood – Alaska Supreme Court Justice Dana Fabe,” Sen. Begich writes in his letter.

Chief Justice Fabe has a varied and distinguished 33-year legal career in Alaska. The first woman appointed to Alaska’s highest court, she is currently serving the last year of her second three-year term as Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court. Justice Fabe’s colleagues have chosen her as the Chief Justice in 2000 and 2006.

“As a modern day Alaska pioneer, Chief Justice Fabe has served the state of Alaska with distinction befitting proper consideration for the United States Supreme Court,” Sen. Begich said.

“As Alaska’s first female Supreme Court Justice and Chief Justice, Justice Fabe has served with steadfast respect for the judicial process and the rule of law."

Attending school on the East Coast at Cornell for undergraduate studies and Northeastern for Law School, Fabe received her Juris Doctorate in 1976 and then came to Alaska. Starting as a clerk for Justice Edmond Burke in 1976, she has served in several areas of the Alaska judicial system, including Chief Public Defender for Alaska and on the Anchorage Superior Court.

Over her career, Justice Fabe has tried criminal and civil cases and defended those standing before the courts. Her experience on both sides of the bench has granted her a unique perspective on how legal decisions impact the average citizen.

“President Obama is looking for a Justice of unique character who will bring a real-life understanding and perspective to the Supreme Court. With her varied background and unique legal expertise, there is no doubt in my mind that Chief Justice Fabe would make an ideal U.S. Supreme Court Justice,” Sen. Begich said.

The current U.S. Supreme Court vacancy is subject to the intended retirement of Justice David Souter at the conclusion of the court’s current term.


Blue_in_AK said...

Dana would be a wonderful choice. I've known her since 1977 when I first went to work as her husband's secretary, and I've had great respect for her in all her legal incarnations. I hope the president gives serious consideration to this suggestion.

Mae said...

Quyaana Phill,

for creating balance in the choice of photos for your blog.

The visual of Rush below should be counter balanced with the good. A photo of Fabe is good.

Think balance Phill. For example a photo/blog entry of Rep. Young should be followed by a flower photo/blog entry or coverage of the rainbow, etc. You get the picture ...

Think balance Phill.

Anonymous said...

since Begich recommended her, I say NO!
I wonder how many babies she is responsible for being KILLED!?