Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jesse Ventura on the MSNBC Ed Schultz Show

Some have observed that Ventura would do well on TV, in a talk-interview slot similar to the one Schultz is filling at MSNBC. Here's Ventura, continuing his media blitz this week:


Anonymous said...

Here's another Jesse smackdown with Hannity May 18th. Only wished Jesse had brought up offered to do deed that KO offered to donate to charity for! Hannity was afraid to bring torture subject up as he probably knew Jesse would offer to do the deed. My dream!!

Thank you for my Wed smackdown fix!
Hasselbeck & Hannity on Monday
Faux & Friends on Tuesday

Can't wait for my Thurs fix.

My name is Anon and I'm a Jesse smackdown addict!!!

Wolfe_Tone said...

Jesse Ventura has earned my respect for continuing to stay on target with his message despite the Right Wing Crazy™ trying to convolute the message at every turn.

My hat's off to you, Mr. Ventura!

Anonymous said...

I watched Jesse with Ed and with Hannity, too. He did a great job...both times. And I went back to view your blog with Jesse talking about 9/11. I agree with Jesse regarding 9/11. Please take the time to check out the blog below and all the tapes regarding the "9/11 conspiracy" on youtube.

WTC Building 7 demolition can be view under the engineers section on that site. Thirty minutes (see youtube for the PBS segment) after Silverstein said pull the building, WTC 7 came down. There was an SEC office in the building with the Enron files and a CIA office, too, I think. Only three high rises have fallen in history, WTC 1, 2 and 7, all on the same day, all owned/leased by Silverstein.

And then the government ordered torture techniques.

Thanks, Philip....

Less More said...

yes, thank you for the inspiration (.mp3)

Casey said...

I watched him on Larry King, and then on the ED show. I dont watch Fox, so didnt see him with Hannity.

I think I heard Joe Scarborough say he had a show at one point, but it didnt last. Of course Joe was blabbering about how Jesse should shut up. Personally, it would suit me if Joe would shut the heck up. What a loudmouth first thing in the morning. However...I can no longer stand CNN so have to watch morning Joe. At least some of the guests make sense even if Joe doesnt.


KaJo said...

Coleman hasn't had a private sector job in THIRTY-FIVE YEARS?

Geez, that's almost as bad -- well, half as bad, 35 years vs. 60! -- as former baseball player, coach, manager, and now "senior advisor" Don Zimmer, who since 1949 has never EVER had a job outside professional baseball.

I guess they get used to the cozy environs and perks of those jobs...

basheert said...

.... and Whoopee and Babs took Glen Beck's little a** away and handed it to him today on the View.
Whoopee called him a "lying sack of dog mess" - it's posted on HuffPo if you want to go see it.