Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mark Colavecchio - Big, Lying Sack of Shit

That's him. The guy to your left.

He's on KFQD in the late morning on weekdays, and on some other station early in the mornings, with another guy. The other guy is called Bob.

I've only listened to the other program, the Bob and Mark Show, a couple of times. That was because my son Alaex was on the program, along with other members of the band, Static Cycle, in which Alex played lead guitar last summer.

Anyway, I caught Mark lying on KFQD yesterday, time and again. He was flat out lying to a caller named "Phil." They're discussing the incident where the Anchorage Daily News' choice for the next Anchorage mayor caused a situation that could have easily led to the deaths of several people.

Here's "Phil" and Mark, at about 16 minutes into his second broadcast hour on Friday, May 1st:

Phil: Do you want the guy who let this happen - and, indeed, he was involved with this - to be in charge of the Anchorage Police Department, liquor enforcement, and so on?

Mark: How do say he was involved in this?

Phil: He's refusing to talk about it.

Mark: He owns the place.

Phil: He's one of ten owners. He didn't tell the other nine about this. Many just discovered this yesterday.

Mark: That's not true. They knew about this - in October of 2006, they all knew about it, Phil, when it came out.

Phil: You're sure about that?

Mark: I'm positive about that, because I talked to them all yesterday. ..... You know what, Phil? By the way, in those court documents, it never names Dan SULLIVAN.

Phil: I know that.

Mark: OK.

Phil: He was the only "Dan" working there at the time.

Mark: He's NOT! There's another one. He wasn't working. He wasn't working - he was there.

Phil: Are you saying that the "Dan" referred to in the court documents is not Dan Sullivan?

Mark: That is correct, sir.

Phil: Huh...

Mark: Oh, yeah! Well!!

Phil: I really doubt that.

Mark: OK.

Mark then hung up on me.

Here's AK Muckraker's transcription of part of the testimony Mark and "Phil" discussed:

Q. Do you know someone named Dan Sullivan?

A. Yes.

Q. What was your understanding of his role?

A. Dan was the person who interviewed me for the position there. I understood him to be pretty much the main owner and the brain child I guess, of the pub. It was his idea, and he really wanted that location and all of those things. So, I considered him to be my boss.

Q. On the morning of October 5th, what time did you get off?

A. I think I clocked out at around 1:00. I know my last table had cashed out. I had dropped the bill shortly after 12:30 and clocked off by 1:00 and then…and then, um…hung out. I, I chatted with Dan for a while.

Q. Was he there that night?

A. He was there until I left.

Q. And so you checked out, and what happened then?

A. I sat at the bar and had a drink with Dan and chatted with him, and another bartender named Jennifer, and we…

Mark Colavecchio, you're a lying sack of shit.


Dude said...

Mark Colavecchio IS INDEED a lying sack of shit! Catholic Shit, TO BE EXACT, just like Dan! Better hit the confessional boys-you're both liars.

Mark always talks about his "Morning partner, Bob" He needs to be more truthful. He ought to say, "My morning MENTOR, Bob!" If something ever happened to Bob, Mark would be unemployed; he's not funny, he's not smart, and he is certainly not quick. Mark is nothing more than the genius Bob's little bitch.

As for the Sullivan thing, I know a couple of the other owners of McGinleys, and they are great people, BTW-they knew NOTHING ABOUT THIS!!! Mark DID NOT talk to ALL the owners...Podcasts are great lie detectors!

Bottom line is this: Dan Sullivan wants to be the CEO of PUBLIC SAFETY and he sent someone out into the night that was drunk and had a head on crash; she's lucky to be alive and lucky she didn't kill someone.

Mark was talking about conservative personal responsibility BLAH BLAH BLAH...How about the personal responsibility of NOT SENDING a DRUNK OUT INTO THE NIGHT as a BAR OWNER???

Beyond this, Eric beats Dan hands down on the ISSUES. Eric is a true fiscal conservative, Dan wants to spend MILLIONS we do not have on the Bridge to NOWHERE!

Dan wants a sales tax; Eric does not. Dan wants ANOTHER avenue to bleed money out of hard working citizens. Eric wants to cut spending and shelter the first $50K of your property from taxes.

Dan doesn't work well with others as evidenced by his being on the losing end of 10-1 or 9-2 assembly votes; Eric worked across party lines in Juneau for 10 years in the minority party and got a lot of shit done...

AND...Eric shows up for his debates with Dan. ERIC KEEPS HIS AGREEMENTS!!! Dan? Not so much.

There is only one choice....

Great Job Phil!!!

Anonymous said...

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Aussie Blue Sky said...

All over the blogosphere they're in denial.

"It was a different Dan!"

With any luck they can all share the pleasure of the audio recording.

In the meantime, will Dan the Sullivan show up for his next forum or not?

Anonymous said...

'Mark Colavecchio, you're a lying sack of shit.'

Phil; what do you really think of Marck C ?

Mark seems to be the gentlemen of the Morning duo.

Crazy Janey said...

Try listening to his morning show when he is flying solo...he's just not that smart. I agree with dude...Mark will state his opinion and then a caller will disagree and then Mark caves...kinda boring. I like to listen to someone with a spine...