Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saradise Found - Chapter 8 - "I Always Thought to Myself, 'She'll Have a Show...'"

That's a quote from Saturday Night Live senior producer Marci Klein, when interviewed about dealing with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, by New York City community activist and Huffington Post blogger, Julie Menin.

Here's the part of Menin's interview with Klein on Palin:


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

GINO isn't funny, like Tina Fey is funny, Tina is cute, she made GINO look cute...GINO wasn't all that happy to be on SNL, she was a pill. Tina Fey, I don't think she liked her one bit and later said, if she's elected "I'm going to the moon", and "thank god she wasn't elected I don't want to play her anymore".
Tina made GINO look cute. When you saw GINO at her KKK rallies, her face twisted up, bared teeth, jaw jutted out, hate filled rhetoric... Her true UGLINESS inside and out SHOWED! GINO's "funniness" comes from her "word Salad" fake folksiness "you betcha" "huntin' & fishin" Her total idiocy and obliviousness to anything and anyone but herself (turkey farm)That is funny. GINO is a national sick joke.

Anonymous said...

Marcom points to a Fox News TV show ala Bill o Reilly

Anonymous said...

People like Palin are scary because they can pull off fake confidence, she reminds me of one of those people who finally gets busted for something ugly and weird and most people then go "who knew?" or "I can't believe it"......psycho scary.

It's a good thing she got put in the public's eye and now scrutinized.....who knows what underhanded conniving under the table deals she may have gotten away with.

Philip Munger said...

I don't think it is fake confidence. It isn't quite confidence, either. It is somehow connected to her religious zeal.