Friday, May 15, 2009

Part of the Endless List of Summer Tasks

Whenever a person has to paint an entire house exterior on a house as old and rickety as ours is, there's always rebuilding. I've torn about half of the deck rails on our bedroom deck out. Even though The remaining lumber that I'm not replacing isn't in top shape, I'm using treated timber. Why?


Maeve said...

So you won't have to replace it again when you do replace the part you aren't replacing this year? Makes perfect sense to me. But then so does that first sentence I wrote, which might not make sense to anyone else.

Enjoy your blog greatly, thanks!

baja said...

I imagine you have worked hard all your life? You deserve it, Phil, go ahead and buy a skill saw!

You know your staring in the face of old school when you see one of those handsaw thingys.

Philip Munger said...


the skil saw thingie is cropped out of the bottom of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Treated wood?

Because you live near a lake.

mlaiuppa said...

When you're done, feel free to pop on down to So. Cal and enjoy the sun (and some yard work).

We have a lot longer "working" season down here.