Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Domestic Scenes

Repaired sailboat centerboard and rudder

Alex brought two pieces of my favorite cheese back from Humboldt State. They make it in Arcata

Strider is happy to be out on Neklason Lake

New rhubarb

Alder catkins

New rails and refurbished bedroom deck. This was "before"

Alex's (far right) first dinner back in Alaska - with his friend Ryan, and Judy. Alex cooked


baja said...

How's the fishing in that lake?

You probably know this, but the deck railing is not code. You should have ballusters less than four inches apart to keep toddlers safe.

If your ever too busy to fit it all in, let me know if you need a liberal, sole proprietor, licensed and bonded contractor in the valley. $10 off hourly rate for progressive bloggers! :-)

Philip Munger said...


We're aware of the code issue. If we have to sell the house, we'll add all that clutter. Before the new rails, there was a third one at 3 inches up from the deck. But that just gets in the way of the broom or shovel, wen removing snow in the winter.

baja said...

...and the fishing?

clark said...

i mostly do deck railings these days with glass or polycarbonate panels. you can meet the letter of the code and make it even less cluttered than yours.
rhubarb cracks me up. it seems like it grows at most every house, like a weed. you guys probably actually use it for something -- which is rare.

Unknown said...

Rhubarb makes good pie, especially paired with strawberries.

Phil, looks like you're ahead of schedule.

Should you find yourself in So. Cal with a need for something to do....my yard still needs work.

Will bake rhubarb pie if necessary.

basheert said...

Phil, thank you for sharing your pics. It's so different from where we live and your pics are always fun to see.

Philip Munger said...


When I was in Sitka two years ago, I found a rhubarb cookbook. We love rhubarb, and use it in cobblers, jams, chutneys and even ice cream.

Philip Munger said...


The first fish of 2009 is on the aluminum foil in the bottom picture.

AKPetMom said...

Phil, I don't know if Non-Essentials in Palmer still has their cheese selection, but when they did they used to offer the Humbolt Fog every now and then. Truly delicious w/grapes and crusty bread or even on a grilled sandwich or salad. My mouth is watering looking at the photo!

Since you live right down the road from me your yard reminds me of my own; I too live in a wooded area but am not lucky enough to be right on a lake. My dogs really want a lake....perhaps in the future they will get one!

Thanks for the photos.


womanwithsardinecan said...

Woohoo! You mentioned our local cheese on your blog! Way to support local business in Arcata where I live. Thank You! Arcata makes the best goat cheese in the world.