Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Saradise Lost Series Explained

I first used the term Saradise Lost in early 2008, describing my feelings toward Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's obstacles thrown in the way of University of Alaska Sea Grant Program Professor Rick Steiner. It is quite possible that somebody else had already used the term, but I'm unaware of it having been used before I began.

There will be growing interest in how this term came about, beginning May 19th, with the release of Eric Boehlert's new book, Bloggers on the Bus. Chapter 13 of his book is titled "Saradise Lost." It is devoted to our Alaska progressive bloggers, so here is a primer:

I first used the term Saradise Lost for a blog post at Progressive Alaska as the title of an article on August 31st, 2008. The article was merely the posting of a Youtube version of audio content in which Sarah Palin laughed out loud to a reference to then-state senator Lyda Green as being a "cancer," while Palin was aware that Green is a cancer survivor. The whole audio take was and is quite sleazy. She was on Anchorage's Bob and Mark Show. The audio was from the previous winter.

From the last day of August through the November national election, a long series of posts that covered Palin's shortcomings was titled Saradise Lost. Many of them attempted to highlight aspects of what I felt sure would be a McCain-Palin defeat, caused largely by Palin's shortcomings.

After the election, posts having to do with the 2008 presidential campaign became Saradise Lost - Book One.

Since then, posts having to do with how faulty her state governance is, or posts about her continuing farcical national political aspirations, are generally posted as chapters of Saradise Lost - Book 2.

There is a small subset of posts called Saradise Found. The initial post, on September 4, 2008, was about two older men who had downloaded Ishmael Melville's fake Vogue magazine cover off of a newly created Palin fan site. They thought the magazine cover was real.

There are 181 chapters to Saradise Lost, Book One. Book One is complete.

There are now 49 chapters to Saradise Lost, Book 2. Book 2 is not complete.

There are now only eight chapters to Saradise Found. That series is not complete.

By far, the most influential chapter of the series was Saradise Lost, Book One, Chapter Sixteen - Palin's Views on the End Times.


ella said...

I would really like to see your excellent "Saradise Lost" books published - to be released early 2010, around the time of the word salad book by GINO and her "collaborator." Any chance you will go into print with these books?

Philip Munger said...


I haven't put much thought to it. Others have asked the same thing, though. At one time, Shannyn Moore and I discussed writing a Palin book together. At the time she was unsure of her writing ability, but as we've since seen, she has become a veryccomplished essayist.

I'm thinking more along the lines of a book of sketches of some great and not-so-great Alaskans I've known, called _The Ring of Truth_.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Phil, your blog was my first Alaskan Blogger, I was steered here by your friend Pamalah...I was horrified at GINO at the RNC and was googling everywhere to find out about her, I sent out newletters to my Obama friends and Pamalah asked to join. She told me about your blog. I'm glad your explaining the Saradise lost. From your blog I found Mudflats, Gryphen, Diva,Shannyn. I hope you do write a book, hey at least it will be truthful, unlike her "memoirs" lol!
I have ordered the bloggers book, and can't wait to read, In my book All you guys...SAVED THE US FROM GINO!!!! YOU ARE HERO'S!
Love the pic, is that ice sculptures? Beautiful.

The Dame said...

Thanks Phil, I think we need to revisit some of your past posts. With new scandals and shenanigans almost daily, I think we, or at least I do, now and then forget what her driving motivations are.

basheert said...

Phil, thanks so much, and please please collaborate with Shannyn on that book.
Love your blog, found you a few months ago. Sanity in a river of slime!