Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Ways to Honor Alaska's Fallen

1. In short-short mini skirt and open-toed shoes, at the right, is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, at the Alaska Joint Armed Services Committee Decoration of Honor Ceremony, at the Alaska Center for the performing Arts, on the Saturday before Memorial Day, 2009. One attendee described the Governor's inappropriate appearance at that somber event:

Despite several months of notice, the governor didn’t commit to be at the ceremony until the morning of the event-hence her conspicuous absence in the program. Before the program went to the printers, the governor had been given a deadline. Silence.

Perhaps she was waiting for Greta’s call. Governor Palin insisted she be sat on stage and demanded time for a speech. She spoke before the invocation and flag presentation as to not be “off program.” It was certainly appropriate for the governor to speak at such a high level ceremony, but her high level maintenance made it difficult for those that planned it.

Here's a photo of the Governor, later last weekend, at a Memorial Day ceremony in Fairbanks. Different shoes.

The Governor was well-paid for her appearances, as she always is.

2. Progressive Alaska editor and Bugles Across America member, Philip Munger, this morning, after performing Taps at a memorial service for a recently deceased Alaska veteran.

Munger volunteered his service, as he has hundreds of times.


Kelly said...

Palin is an embarrassment to this Alaskan.

Question: How do you know Palin was paid to appear at the ceremony in Fairbanks?

Not only did she have on different shoes, but also a different top. I think even a different skirt too, also.

Mary said...

Does Palin raid Bristol's closet?

KaJo said...

I have to wonder what Palin is thinking as she claps, with that pruny pursed-lip expression on her face.


Actually, when you look at the pictures of all the other appearances she's made throughout May, one can well imagine that all these public appearances get a bit wearing at times. But, as you said, Phil, she's getting paid for them.

I imagine she's reminding herself of that, even with Pruny Face.

Wolfe Tone said...


Someone is free to correct me if I am wrong, I believe that anytime the Governor travels in the course of her "official duties" (and I am sure that attending these events qualifies as such), she is entitled to per diem and travel expenses.

So, in that sense, she is "paid."

Phil Munger, on the other hand, receives his only payment in the form of hopefully being thanked for his services, and the knowledge that he did a good and right thing.

By the way - thanks, Mr. Munger! You are a decent man.

sauerkraut said...

Why would she get paid a per diem? Aren't all the expenses covered by the State? And why a per diem?? She already gets a pretty darn good salary to carry out her duties... and attending these events are within the context of her job descriptions.

Guess that phrase "was well[paid for her appearance" needs to be fleshed out or better defined.

Basheert said...

She gets per diem because she "works" from home in Wasilla instead of getting off her aging a** and driving to Juneau. Also her kids get paid because they are "representing" the "state" whenever they are seen.

And NO I am not defending her - just saying what she is as a lame excuse.

Lipstick on a pig - that's all she is. Snorting at the trough and Alaska puts up with it.

basheert said...

Sorry .. thanks for your service Philip. Very nicely done.

Wolfe Tone said...

Whether she should collect per diem is open to debate (and I think it's B.S. myself), but Alaska law allows the Governor to collect it while traveling to participate in 'community events'.
She must report any per diem claimed as income, and pay taxes on it, however.

Anonymous said...

Two Ways to Honor Alaska's Fallen......

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