Friday, May 29, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 53 -- Disrespect for the Living and the Dead

hold those knees together, Queen Esther
hold those knees together for our war dead

hold them like that forever
if you hold them there forever, you will be abstinent

teach your kids to hold them together

you are our general, the commander of the Alaska Guard
your son is sacrificing on your alter

when you thought of him,
while sitting there with your knees together
you might have thought,

"we respect your sacrifice for us
as long as you keep your knees together
and - between crusading and not getting into trouble,
think of me us

"do our toes show less than those generals' decorations?

"can our toes wink?"

or, you might not have thought about that

who knows?


poem by Philip Munger - for David Cheezum
image - Shannyn Moore


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Great poem, Phil.
Yep, always a class act, the queen...
'course the palinbots say she was dressed for 'church'!
Don't know what kind of church THEY go to!

Anonymous said... don't think the person who owns that vehicle was too concerned with his/her privacy. Looks like they are pretty proud of themselves. (shaking my head in awe)


Anonymous said...

oops...posted above in wrong thread. Its going to be one of those days.


Anonymous said...

I was there.
It was embarassing.
Half of my photos have these bare legs stuck in them.

Christ, she's a sitting Governor! AND this is about honoring those who have and are serving our country.

No wonder Bristol thought it was proper to be a spokesperson for Candies Foundation.


ANON @ 929

A together at last photo series would be a hoot!!!!

Yup, she is all about that Candie girl tease.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the photos of our former governors at military gatherings wearing their hawaiian print shirts & shorts...

Steve Cowper was a pretty handsome guy, would probably have looked nice in some levis, yet he never exploited his pretty fine behind. And Tony Knowles was a runner with some pretty awesome legs & nice behind. Where are the photos of HIM at public functions where he was acting in an official capacity, wearing some short shorts?

You act and dress professional ALL of the time while acting in public capacity or you diminish the respect & regard for the position of Governor and risk offending others.

Have some dignity, Palin!


Anonymous said...

She is a disgrace! She so needs to be gone already!

Anonymous said...

I thought she was trying to bring the war dead back to life.

Mary said...

Sarah's skirt violates the dress code for the San Diego Unified School district.

It's pretty bad when you can completely cover your skirt with both hands.

Anonymous said...

She disrespected the audience, the generals sitting next to her, and the solemn event by sitting on stage with her skirt hiked to mid-thigh. Can this woman go to any public event without trying to be the (dubious) center of attention?

She dresses and acts like a 16 year old high school student, not a professional official. Pitiful.