Monday, May 18, 2009

Progressive Alaska "Our Government Tortured Lots of People to Death" Week - Part One

Please remember, the dialogue won't get to how many people our torturers killed from torturing too much, or carelessly, or vindictively, until Alaskans and Americans realize how wrong, immoral, illegal and stupid all this has been.

Here's Rachel Maddow on this tonight:

The attacks on U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continue. But as Pelosi's statements at the end of last week remain somewhat credible, the Right-wing noise machine has gone all "botox" on her:

And here's Marcy Wheeler's article today at, called The 13 People Who Made Torure Possible.


basheert said...

Torture is Torture. It is not enhanced interrogation.
It is illegal in this country and is a violation of international law.

The individuals responsible for supplying justification for OUR country using ILLEGAL methods to obtain information linking Al Qaeda and Iraq need to be tried, just like Nuremberg.

If the United States does not deal with this, the World Court WILL deal with it. I believe that Mr. Obama is hoping this matter will be taken out of his hands by a World Court.

Mr. Obama is a constitutional lawyer and is well aware that torture is illegal. And it was torture. It was not done by a "few bad apples" at the bottom. It was ordered by some really rotten individuals at the top.

Yoo ... Bybee .... right to the top - Cheney. Five Deferment Dick!

This is a War Crime. It is highly unlikely that this country will be allowed to sweep our filth under a rug.

Gryphen said...

This is possibly one of the most important topics for bloggers to cover right now.

We MUST learn the truth, and punish those responsible. Period!

Wolfe Tone said...

The GOP has been trying to re-frame the subject to "what did Nancy know and when did she know it?" and are calling for an investigation.

Interestingly enough, if they get what they are asking for, they could aid in shining daylight on the persons responsible, and exonerate Pelosi in the process.

Patrick Leahy, get ready to rumble!

basheert said...

Wolfe Tone: The Republics had better be careful what they wish for.
If as it appears, the CIA has "misled" Congress, and it involves more than 1 Senator, it definitely casts the CIA in a bad light.
Even if Pelosi did know intimate details, she is bound by her oath of office to discuss with no one and if she had been informed and did discuss it, she'd be toast for that as well.
These snotty little diversionary tactics do not bode well for the Republics - well what's left of them. The problem as I see it, is that they're simply trying to smear everyone hoping stuff sticks.
Fine, she knew (if she did). However that doesn't make TORTURE LEGAL. It is a WAR CRIME. Not just in the US, but in the world. We had better watch how we approach this. Like it or not, we are required to deal with both a World Community and a World Economy.
The rest of the world is watching to see what we will do about these inhuman dirtbags.
The rest of the world community may very well take control and try Cheney and his fellow nitwits in the World Court. And we all know how Nuremberg turned out.
Like it or not, we are a signatory to the Geneva Convention and we violated the laws. We are guilty and the world very well may hold us responsible for these actions.

Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, and Dick Cheney are all the same. No difference.

I think we're all watching, waiting, hoping and praying that someone, somewhere grabs these guys and puts them on trial. I believe the World Community knows that the majority of the American people do not advocate and promote torture.

This is our reputation, this is our job to do, and abdicating our responsibilities towards our own treaty violations will not stand.

The World must hold the U.S. responsible for the actions of the torturers and the enablers.

That's the way the law works.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I have to agree with Basheert and Gryphen.
I do think PO want the World court to deal with this and I do believe this will lead right up to "Dick".That's why he's going around blabbing right now.CYA.
I don't think Nancy "knew" what was going on really but they are trying to throw her under the bus.
GOP has big mouth but their people are ultimately the ones responsible for this inhumanity.

basheert said...

ITA - it seems now that Obey has also claimed the CIA said someone attended a briefing when he didn't.
Perhaps the CIA is simply confused - but it also seems they may have a lot of a**covering to take care of.

This is not a joke. This is humans torturing human beings. This is against the LAW.

If we won't do it, I certainly hope there is some country that will take over and do the morally correct thing with these cases.

DICK is trying to CYA but it won't work. Standing up and screaming "I say it's ok" does not make it legal. And why is Chimpy McFlightSuit being so quiet these days?