Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saradise Found - Chapter 7 -- Limbaugh's Latest Remarks on Palin, and a New DNC Web Ad

Here's a transcript of Rush Limbaugh's remarks about Sarah Palin, from his Tuesday radio program (thanks to Dave Neiwert):

You know what's more confusing to me is why the people that don't like her don't like her. That's what gets me scratching my head. The people on our side, not the left. I understand -- the left is scared to death of her. The left is still out there trying to destroy Sarah Palin. She's up in Alaska, they're filing ethics complaints against her every week, forcing her to have to have a legal-defense fund. They're trying to break her! They're trying to make her go broke so she won't be able to have a political future. They're scared to death of her. If they aweren't, they'd leave her alone, they'd let her go moose hunting! And that would be it!

Why -- you see how easy the conventional wisdom is? The conventional wisdom is that Palin is a dork, that Palin is an idiot, that Palin's unsophisticated, or Palin's this or that, she doesn't know the lingo or she has a bad wardrobe, all this irrelevant stuff! To try to destroy her, to destroy her credibility with people, to impugn her. I just listened to what she said, I liked what she said, and I liked the way she said it. It's no more complicated than that.

Here's a brand new Democratic National Committee Web Ad:


basheert said...

Yay - Limpballs comes out in favor of SP - this is terrific.
The old fat oxycontin addict, "Little Dominican Boy Tour Alum", Viagra popping voice of the Republic speaks.

I think he wants to direct that Viagra to The Mad SP. Every word out of his mouth implies that he really, r-e-a-l-l-y, REALLY likes her, a LOT!

They deserve each other but unfortunately their egos would cause them to kill each other. She has too much testosterone and he's overloaded with estrogen.

What an attractive couple!

Wolfe Tone said...

Inadvertantly, Rush actually got one thing right:

Any thinking person should be scared shitless of the idea of someone like Sarah Palin occupying the White House.

She's stupid, ignorant, inept and arrogant.

What's not to fear?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

OMG! people are keeping GINO from hunting moose???Nooooooooooooooo!
they'd leave her alone, they'd let her go moose hunting! And that would be it!-Rush LimpahGOP=LOSER=EPIC FAIL!

basheert said...

WolfeTone: Actually the word "thinking" should be changed to SANE, a word that SP knows nothing about.

WHAT have they done to that baby? No seriously I've never seen a 4 month old that big and that "flat". Did they drug the baby for the cameras?

None of these Palin babies acts even remotely normal. Of course I realize that Trig is DS but Tripp is either drugged or something is wrong with him. He is borderline non-responsive.

Anonymous said...

to everyone of you who left a statement down grading leadership YOU ARE THE VERY INGRATES who cause america to be what it is today your soooo smart you figure that one out. thank you Mr. Limbaugh