Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glenn Beck - "You're A Lying Sack of Dog Mess"

Part of the reason I'm posting this YouTube of yesterday's View encounter between Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters, on the one hand, and FAUX News' Glenn Beck on the other, is because Goldberg calls Beck "A lying sack of dog mess," meaning "lying sack of shit." Three weeks ago, when I caught another one of these right-wing nutcases, an untalented local one, out on his flagrant falsehoods, at least I got to call him what he really was. And is.

Glenn Beck is one of the most dangerous people in American media. Unless mainstream outlets begin to show the courage confronting his lies as these two women did in this clip, he will become more dangerous. The only reason they confronted him was because he lied about them in a particularly malicious manner. He lies about non-white people daily on his show. He lies about the disenfranchised every minute on his show. He's even more fascist than Bill O'Reilly.


basheert said...

Isn't his name not even Glen Beck? Isn't it Harold or Howard Hill? That's how KO refers to him and he's usually spot on.
I still have never been able to figure out why he is even a figure on TV. He says nothing, he tells lies, he has no clue what he is speaking about. He has nothing to offer.
He's doing a "comedy tour" stop here in Phoenix. So, does that mean that he's supposed to be funny?
It was fun watching Hasselback sit there and not say a word after Ventura slapped her silly the other day. She's a total moron.
By the way, it was fun last night watching KO smack Limpballs around too.
Hannity, Beck, Limpballs - is this really how low the networks have sunk?

KaJo said...

What's worse, Glenn Beck apparently cowered in his home the rest of the day after "The View" encounter, and called in "sick" -- on air -- the next morning to Fox News.

What happened next? Apparently Beck got a talking-to from other Fox News "personalities" probably telling him to get a backbone, or at least some balls.

So, later, when he finally returns to do his show the next morning, he works himself up into a snit and demands that Barbara Walters and Whoopie Goldberg of "The View" apologize to HIM!

After being propped back up by his Fox News colleagues, Beck backtracked AGAIN from his backtracking on "The View", and swore that he was standing by his version of events on the train when they encountered him; the issue being, apparently, whether or not one could reserve a table in the dining car.

Ooooooo, an issue of national importance! Barbara Walters should step down!! Resign! Shame on her for demanding Beck actually do research and get the facts before he blabbers his "commentary" on his show!!!