Monday, March 30, 2009

Saradise Lost Book 2 - Chapter 36 -- Murkowski's Popularity Exceeds Palin in Hayes Poll

So, Lisa Murkowksi's popularity exceed Palin's by almost 12%. Additionally, Palin's negatives exceed Murkowski's by 20 points.



Anonymous said...

Whenever I see these polls I wonder if they phoned up mostly Valley/Kenai/Eagle River voters or what?

How can people in AK still be so delusional? I realize that the numbers aren't great, but after the stimulus money fiasco how can they not get it? We are being sacrificed at the altar of 2012!

moderate middle said...

What a spin doctor you are!

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm that excited about SP but this poll is not at all surprising. Murkowski didn't run against Obama and skewer the progressives in the process. If she had they would still be squealing about her like they currently are about Palin.


Anonymous said...

if you democratic progressives, er partisans, really care about whining, er winning, then maybe you'll see to it that next round offers a better candidate than the usual dumbed down dinos. otherwise i'm voting palin again.

see it's not about pointing the finger at palin. it's about what you have to offer. the finger points at you.

get busy. let us know how your recruiting is going. show us something other than this b.s. we're watching.

p.s. that means zombie knowles, bernie berkowitz, hyper halcro and ibew robots are not on the table.

Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous commenter: Halcro ISNT'T a Democrat, he's a Republican. Perhaps you should pay attention with the little head that rests on your spinal column. It's your other head you must vote with.

No one with a functioning brain would vote for Palin in any election.

Anonymous said...

i can clarify my comment with the observation that republicans are just a different wing of the same party.

palin is something different. which is not to say necessarily better in specific terms.

the fact that halcro, a republican, and the democratic partisans are all over palin for alleged activities that would pass for business as usual in a partisan approved administration, demonstrates the commonality of the repubocrats.

anybody with a functioning brain can recognize that something different is required.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to qualify the designation of halcro as a republican. halcro is theoretically a republican as begich is theoretically a democrat.

in reality they are just about the same. don't confuse the actual parties with your theories about what they represent. obama should be teaching you that.

Anonymous said...

that person who was caught out of his league sure is falling all over trying to make it sound like it never happened.

Not any of it is credible, and it only makes everything that anonymous person says that much less intelligible.

The answer to sticking your foot in your mouth is not to go ahead and gnaw it off as if it wasn't there.


baja said...

Palin's "leadership qualities" are more of the same self serving types of personalities that brought us where we are today.

You can buy into the phoney managed public perception she promotes herself as, but most critically thinking Americans have reviewed her actual record of service and do not buy into her "maverickery reformer" BS. Palin is on a downhill trajectory. Pretty soon you will have to face the failure of your aspirational candidate.

Anonymous said...

in reference to anonymous March 31, 2009 8:53 AM:

boy, you sure said a whole lot of nothing there. attempting to cast the conversation ad hominem doesn't speak to the issues raised. it only creates non-contextual ones.

i guess that's what you have to offer?

Anonymous said...

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