Sunday, March 1, 2009

Open Letter to John Ziegler

Dear Mr. Ziegler,

Max Blumenthal is one ballsy web journalist. His concept of where political analysis and commentary are going has a lot more balls than yours does. Yours is closer to eunuchism than it even is to the bullshit most critics complain it to be.

You seem to have an idea Max Blumenthal doesn't have any balls. At least you had the guts to tell him to his face. He confronted you at the CPAC fiasco. He may end up making you the highlight of the CPAC fiasco. Unlike you, I think that making you the biggest joke of 2009 CPAC would show this young guy has balls.

He was pissed you had tried to scam him to get an interview. I don't blame him. I'd be pissed too.

He stood there for over five minutes while you yelled, moved back and forth, swore, pointed your finger, and belittled him. He just came back, asking normal hardline questions, trying to get you to actually provide unbiased information. The way he did that showed he has balls.

When Max came to Alaska to cover Sarah Palin, he showed he has balls. The first places he went to interview people about Palin impressed me. His interview technique was so straightforward, I was taken aback. I thought - "kid has some balls."

He interviewed librarians and museum workers. That only took intelligence. Then he went to Todd Palin's favorite gun store, Chimo Guns in Wasilla, and hung out for a while. He convinced the folks there he was genuine.

In Wasilla, he interviewed some intensely over-motivated charismatic and fundamentalist Christian Palin supporters in environments I thought might put him in grave physical harm. He took my comments in stride, then asked for help with his camera prep work.

I know you came up to Alaska to do a story on Sarah Palin too. You should watch Max's footage, compare it to yours. Yours was classic old school suckup. Max's was Journalism 2012 Master Class. That didn't take balls. Brains helped, though.

I' ve got a hunch Max isn't just smarter and more ballsy than John Conrad Ziegler. He worked his ass off when he was in Alaska.

A big part of your job is to help Palin raise $70,000.00 per day over the next 1,000 days. I wish Max had gotten you to comment on that, but - as I said - he was pissed. And, to be fair, Conrad, I think Max took the middle name thing a bit too far.

But, John, Palin isn't going to be able to raise an average of $70K per day for 1,000 days. You were one of the first people called upon to help do that. It'll take balls for you to accept the role of being the Talis Colberg of Far Right failed mockumetaries. Max is starting to paint you into that corner, isn't he?

Phil Munger

Ziegler interviewed after Max's interview:

Max Blumenthal's interview with John Ziegler at 2009 CPAC:


Anonymous said...

I lasted 1:48 into the interview with Blumenthal. Do I get an elephant stamp anyway?

It's beyond me how Ziegler gets any oxygen anywhere. On top of his bad behaviour, he is incredibly uninteresting.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has to worry about "Konrad" hurting people he cares about as he cares for no one but himself. He is totally disgusting!

Annette said...

Thanks for posting this Phil..Glad you got it all..he is an idiot and a jerk. Max was brilliant and for him to do what he did took more strength and yes balls than most would have had. But he showed what he is made of for sure.

Anonymous said...

Give a ranting, delusional extremist enough rope and . . .

Anonymous said...

Ziegler is an idiot. But I don't hold to your exaltation of Maxie boy either. He sensationalizes stories to fit his agenda and does not portray the whole truth. In this particular long piece, he did good!

I believe that is true of both sides of the political spectrum. The American people have to sift through a lot of junk to try to discern the truth. Most people seem to only hear one side of an issue.

That is one reason I read your blog. You have part of the truth, but not the whole truth. I hope there are others who listen to both sides to sift through the propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Ziegler is a A-hole period! And GINO is stupid for not realizing he is just using her!
God what a frick'in jerk.

Philip Munger said...


let me know when you find the guy or lady who has the whole truth. I'll link to her or his blog.

Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

I love that John Ziegler is a big fan of Sarah Palin and is out promoting her. :-)

He's a whack-job like she is. Also.

Anonymous said...

Ah Yes, the venerable Mr. Munger. Why am I not surprised at your thoughts on John Ziegler?

Not many understand that you started all that Palin Dinosaur nonsense. I've been watching for you since then. Loved that YouTube video of you delivering those poems. Did you affect a lot of social change with that???
I'm not even going to conduct a vote. You are The Hooterville Gazette's Idiot of 2008.

Phill, come visit, please. I'd love your whack-job liberal comments.

Oh by the way, I loved your middle finger of the apocalypse work. I saw it and thought, wow what a stable guy.

For those of you who can't get enough of John Ziegler, I've dedicated a full page to his interviews:


Philip Munger said...


Welcome to the PA comments.

I just googled "The Hooterville Gazette's Idiot of 2008." Nothing showed up. Are you just pulling my leg...? If I am "The Hooterville Gazette's Idiot of 2008," would you send me a certificate? I'd like to put it on my office wall.

The Palin "dinosaur nonsense" was started by a guy in LA. He admits he made it up. My three conversations with Sarah Palin about creationism are real. One is recorded.

trishSWFL said...

Ziegler is a freakazoid.

'nuff said!

Anonymous said...

I should have known you'd have thick skin by now given your history. I'll notify you when the certificate is ready. I'd like you to know you beat out some very good competition: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore etc...

As for the recorded conversation with Palin, could you provide the link to me please? I'd love to hear or view that depending on the medium.

Oh and if there is a particular picture of you that you'd like me to use with "The Biggest Idiot" of 2008 award piece I'll be doing, please post it or email it to me. Thanks. - Dash

P.S. I've main Ziegler aware of your open letter.

Anonymous said...

Dash idiotlock....if you are a fan of Ziegler....well here is my middle finger. Sit on it and rotate...all day if you like. You might find it fun...much like zeigler. are such a nut.

Philip Munger said...


I'd be happy to send you a copy of my tape. Make the check for $25,000 out to me. Or, you can call KFQD-AM Radio in Anchorage, and ask them for a tape or MP-3 of Sarah Palin's last appearance on the Dan Fagan show in October, 2006, just before the gubernatorial election. I think they charge $25.00. They might make you a deal. Just tell them you're a friend of John Z's. And that you've got balls. Carries a lot of weight there.

As far as the June 1997 conversation recounted by me, Braun, Talbot, Lopez et al, in order for Palin to not have believed then what she described to me, she would have had to held a distinct minority viewpoint among congregants at that time of the WAG, where we had the talk.

Photo will come shortly. It is of me at about the 11,000 foot level on Mt. Baker, in Washington.

I think I'll put the certificate between my Honorable Discharge and the City of Whittier April 1986 resolution honoring my role in the economic development of the community.

Anonymous said...

You are nothing if not amusing.
Not just here, but on other sites as well.

Hiya, pups!

I may be in line for a major award. From a blogger at Townhall.Com. He wants to name me the Hooterville Gazette Idiot of 2008 (it is in the comments).

Is that cool, or what…?

I know what is, but I’d never heard of Hooterville Gazette, or the blogger who is going to award me - Dash RIPROCK III.

You're remind me of J.R. off the old Dallas TV show. Fun to hate. No, that is too strong a word. Fun to disagree with.

As for placement of the certificate, if that's the best you can do. Please do send the pic, all I have now is a screen capture from your visit to Steven's office. I don't think I got your good side.


Anonymous said...


Got the pics. Thanks! I'll notify you when the certificate is ready. I must say, you're certainly being a very good sport about it.


Philip Munger said...


I'm so busy with my side job of writing form letters of apology, from hundreds of Republicans to Rush Limbaugh, that I only have enough time left over to be a "good sport" with you.

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Dash RIPROCK III said...

Really Phil,
You googled me back in March.
Don't say that. That's how rumors get started man.

I googled me just now and had 2,200 hits. Hmmmmmm.