Friday, March 27, 2009

Mike Doogan Outs Mudflats in Challenge to Outdo Eddie Burke as 2009 Anchorage Slimeball of the Year

Alaska legislator Mike Doogan announced today that it is his civic duty to reveal the identity of Alaska's most prestigious anonymous blogger. In his weekly email bulletin, Doogan ended with this:

The identity of the person who writes the liberal Democratic Mudflats blog has been secret since the blog began, protected by the Anchorage Daily News, among others. My own theory about the public process is you can say what you want, as long as you are willing to stand behind it using your real name. So I was interested to learn that the woman who writes the blog is Anchorage resident [name redacted by PA].

Doogan tried to get AKMuckraker's identity from me back on December 29th, 2008. It was an interesting email exchange. Since he's all for "the public process," and "being willing to stand behind your real name," here's my email exchange with him on AKM's ID. I've reversed the order of the chain of letters, to make it easier to follow the thread:. So, you're reading them in the correct order:

Dear Rep. Doogan,

Although I wasn't one of the many concerned Alaskans who have written to you about possible executive ethics actions being addressed by the upcoming session of the Alaska Legislature, I've had an opportunity to read a response you sent out to a number of people who had sent similar mailings to you. One part of this communication from you interested me:

Third, I intend to move forward with legislation to prevent a
re-occurrence of some of the problematic behavior that has arisen
from the mess commonly called Troopergate. That legislation will
define more closely what is a public document and seek to prevent
public officials from shielding their communications by using
private email accounts, and the state from stifling public access
by charging an arm and a leg.

This is an excellent idea, Rep. Doogan!

I would like to recommend that you consider also looking at tightening travel regulations for the members of the chief executive's family. Gov. Palin's trip to New York City in 2008 with one of her daughters, to speak very briefly on one day, then spend the work week in a pricey hotel with her child, at taxpayers' expense, shouldn't merely be unauthorized, I feel it should be criminal activity entered into the "fraud" statutes of Title 11.

I am also disturbed to read of Todd Palin's access to confidential personnel files and other sensitive materials, as described by ex-commissioner Walt Monegan, in his statements to investigator Steven Branchflower.

Although I am not a constituent, as an officer of the Alaska Democratic Party, I eagerly await your reply to my earnest query.


Philip Munger


Read your email. Thanks for sending it. You expressed several
opinions, but asked no question. So what query would you like me to
respond to?



Thanks for your prompt response. Here are questions, in three sets:

1.) You seem to be proposing legislation that tightens the definition of what a public document is. I assume by referencing both private e-mail use by state employees and elected officials, and proposing to address the "charging an arm and a leg" for access to state government documents, you are looking at
something fairly
comprehensive. Have you begun to articulate what that might be in terms of a bill?

2.) The trip by Gov. Palin to NYC last year, upon which she brought one of her daughters at state expense, to be at a 4-hour (or shorter) gig, and then to stay on for days (with the daughter) at an expensive hotel at taxpayers' expense, is highly questionable, ethically. Have you looked at how the Governor felt she could get away with this?

Have you or any other legislative members looked into how the first
family's travel and expense account prerogatives can be tightened so this kind of activity cannot happen? Do you contemplate any legislative action over the next two sessions which might tighten executive travel and expense rules?

3.) I'm bothered that Todd Palin has access to the kinds of personnel information and other documents that are alluded to in the Branchflower Report. Do you know for sure that Mr. Palin is not on the state payroll for any of his activities, either as a consultant to the governor, or as a sub-contractor, for instance, in the remodeling/renovation of the Juneau mansion?

If he is not a paid employee, consultant or sub-contractor of the state, what specifically gives him the right to go through the kinds of documentation described by Monegan in the Branchflower report? If Mr. Palin merely felt he could gain access to documents I would have had to, under this administration's policies, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to see, then we need to - IMHO -fix at least one serious flaw in statutes or administrative code.

I hope this formats my interests in a more helpful way.


Phil Munger


Thanks, that's a much better set of questions. Now, why are you
asking? Running low on fodder for your blog? And if it's not for
the blog, why are you asking me instead of your own representative?


PS: Who writes the Mudflats blog?


I'm asking because you are the first member of the House who has expressed interest in any of the issues I feel fall under the general cover of executive ethics reform, to the point of beginning to articulate a proposed bill.

If you check with Kay Brown, you'll find out that I have expressed explicit interest in the issue that you brought up in the email I referenced, since the issuance of the Branchflower Report. She can also verify that I hoped as early as mid-October, to interest Democratic Party legislators in taking the mantle of so-called "reform" away from Sarah Palin between now and May, 2009.

I feel you and I both have the responsibility of keeping her away from ever again getting as close to national office as she came between August 29th and November 4th, 2008. As you may know, Rep. Doogan, your district went for Obama by over 200 votes.

In regard to why I don't bring this up with Carl, - I have.

Although I like Carl Gatto and his wife as neighbors, I feel he
will do little to bring executive branch legislation to the fore. I'll be back in touch with him about this between now and the opening of the 2009 session.

As a Democrat, and as one who seeks to help build a Democratic Party majority in the Alaska legislature, I hope members of my party in the legislature can be at the forefront of needed reform legislation, whether it be of the executive branch, or more fine tuning of your own branch.

I am not "running low on fodder for [my] blog." As you've probably figured out, I posted my initial letter to you on this at Progressive Alaska. But at this point, I only hope to develop a constructive dialog with you on reform legislation, with a final goal of helping our legislature getting it passed, and am only hoping at this point, to be able to put a far more positive face on how you're dealing with this than have others.

I've had my blog for almost 14 months now. Some of my readers have a higher regard for it than does the proprietor. I try to learn from my readers and from those who comment, and to make headway in the craft of essay writing. Unlike legislators and ADN columnists, I get to swear openly from time to time.

A friend of mine writes the Mudflats blog. He or she lives in a neighboring district of yours, not mine. There is concern that to go public might be detrimental to Mudflats' professional and/or business situation.

I'm copying this to Kay, as further indication to you that she is aware of how important I feel executive ethics reform is to Alaska, and to Alaska's Democratic Party elected Representatives. (Kay is not "Mudflats," BTW.)

Phil Munger


Thanks for the response.

I think that if blogging might be detrimental to the "professional and/or business situation" of the person writing Mudlfats, then he/she shouldn't be doing it. But even if it is, are your arguing that it's okay for people to stand in the shadows and shout into the public debate? What next? Hoods and torches?

How does you keeping this person's name a secret comport with your "let's put everything on the blog" ethic? You are talking out of both sides of your mouth, Phil. As long as you are going to pick and choose what information you make public, there's really no reason for me to communicate with you.

Good luck with your own representative.


Rep. Doogan,

You indicated earlier that you wanted my interest framed as questions. Now you seem to indicate you don't intend to answer them. Or am I misreading your statements, "As long as you are going to pick and choose what information you make public, there's really no reason for me to communicate with you," and "Good luck with your own representative"?



Sorry if I only indicated that I would not answer them. I will not answer them for you.


Rep. Doogan,

Thank you for your consideration, or should I say, lack thereof, in this matter.

Warmest regards, and wishing you and yours a very happy new year,

Phil Munger

Mudflats (Doogan, typically, got her name wrong) has written a post about this issue.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an obnoxious egomaniac! That explains the large tumbler in his hand in the photo. He sounds like a raging alcoholic in need of some anger management counseling. I have lost any respect for him I ever may have had.

mlaiuppa said...

Then he or she shouldn't be writing it? much for the constitution. Would I be out of line to ponder if said representative is a Republican.

And why isn't *he* your representative. Aren't they all our representatives? Or does he only represent those who vote for him? Again that leads me to assume that this pillar of public servantry is a Republican.

And doesn't he have anything better to do with his time than go blogger-stalking?

Anonymous said...

I think we should change his name to Representative Mike Doofus.

Anonymous said...

Has he not heard of a "ghostwriter?" Should that be illegal as well??

Blue_in_AK said...

He calls himself a Democrat, but this is very Republican-like behavior. He's been seduced by Sarah, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Doogan (I can't bring myself to call him "Mr. Doogan") is actually supposedly a Democrat. Used to be a journalist for the ADN. Pissed people off left and right, and seems to pride himself on racking up detractors and enemies, much like a petulant teenager. He actually wrote a scathing opinion piece about Sarah the week she was nominated for VP. He is the author of some lowbrow detective stories staged in Alaska, and actually used to write a blog under an anonymous penname himself. Called himself "Billy Muldoon" Guess it's OK for him, but not for anyone who might not be one of his fans. What a
I would use my real name here, but, like so many others in Alaska, I would be at great risk of losing my job because of Sarah Palin's vindictiveness. (And apparently now, Mike Doogan's as well). It may sound like a stretch, but it's very real for many of us in this small state, where the Governor has appointed her BFFs from High School into many positions of power in government. Mike Doogan should be ashamed of himself, but, as is clear from the emails above, he clearly does not have that capacity.

Anonymous said...

Doogan's apparent refusal to allow anyone privacy seems dangerous. Last year I resented it when he shared email address of those who had contacted him. I think emails from citizens to elected officials should be confidential. In fact they are in the federal government.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for printing that exchange. My, doogan is a pompous twit, isn't he? I'm sure karma has some great plans for him.

Unknown said...


Seriously though, y'all Anchorage people got anybody lined up to run against this blowhard next primary?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

"Too much holiday cheer" doogan the drunk, is vile and disgusting and I hope AKM sues his ass off! He's hiding behind GINO's skirts just like he was @ NY when he sent out all his drunk emails out. Instead of Stalking AKM he really need to go to AA.
I have reported him the CREW
I urge everyone else. He has exposed the privacy of a citizen and all of us who wrote to him re: troopergate.
I have also written Rachel Maddow!
What a fricken loser. What is with the Alaska Mafia anyway? Well doogan, hang on to GINO skirts real hard b/c when she goes down your going to...

Anonymous said...

Mike Doogan makes me want to throw up!!!! What in heck are we paying him for? If he could put this much energy into something important for the state, instead of worrying about the identity of an excellent writer!? He is major jealous!

luna1580 said...

do you think much of his petty hatred of bloggers is fueled by the fact that he blames them for the "death of the newspaper" and he was a newspaper man?

it's clear in his responses to you that he has no respect for anyone writing a blog, anonymous or named.

what an asshole!

Alaskan said...

OMG! Doogan is a fuckin' jerk!

Nicki said...

Thank you very much for posting this exchange. I have linked to it from my blog. (If that's a problem, please let me know). This is just wholly unacceptable from an elected official. Do you have recalls in Alaska?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Doogan has a clue as to how popular AKM is.
I have met her and didn't know it, It doesn't make any difference.
I didn't know if AKM was a male or female, It doesn't make any difference.
He is po'd because she called him on email usage.

He IS NOT my rep but I can and will work and donate to whomever runs against him.

What a JERK!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Doogan's emails make Angry Meg Stapleton sound almost rational by comparison! Mike, you clearly need some professional help. Go get it. And then go apologize to Mudflats, who has done more good for Alaska (and the nation) than you could ever begin to understand. Then you could consider apologizing to the residents of Alaska on your way out the door. You have violated their privacy and their trust in a big way, and you've had the audacity to do it from your public office. Shame on you. Grow up. (And go ahead and let the door hit you on the ass on your way out...)

ThinkAlaska said...

Phil, as as I mentioned on my blog, there's the question of state resources. In my view, his was a misuse of legislative resources to out a blogger. It is unacceptable for a sitting legislator to act the way he did. I don't care if he is a Democrat. We need to be watchful and hold our own accountable as well.


Muffin said...

Erick, if you talk like that, a lot of fellow Dems will not support you. ;)

Mike Doogan just did a bunch of campaigning for his future opponent. The strongest person that he runs against gets at least $25 from me.

Anonymous said...

Doogan the blowhard spewed a lot of bs but he NEVER answered the questions. Dodged every one of them. Slippery little snot. Arrogance does not become him.

ThinkAlaska said...

Heh. :)

Muffin, integrity is more important to me than getting partisan support. Public servants are there to serve the state and its residents, nothing more. Alaskans always come first. I think that Doogan has forgotten that.

Anonymous said...

I still get a kick out of Mike Doogan. Heard him on the Mike Procaro show today and he was funny. I don't think he has faced much in the way of opposition in his district, lets see if the Dems can govern their own.
He does have a problem with tact doesn't he?


Philip Munger said...


Mike has a problem with tact. He has a growing problem with humor, and a larger misunderstanding of snark.

He is, hopefully, a shadow of the past of Anchorage quirky Party politics.

He's an important local historical figure, but his legacy as legislator doesn't look very promising. Better than Vic Kohring's or Bev Masek's, though...

Anonymous said...

Not only is Mike Doogan opposed to being anonymous, you can all call him or stop by for a chat anytime.

Gerald Michael Doogan
4800 Cambridge Way
Anchorage, AK 99503
907 561 7990

Neva Reece said...

Thank you for posting your exchange with Mr. Doogan, though I feel slightly ill from reading it.

This is beyond the pale - absolutely amazing that he would abandon the discussion with you about legislative issues to focus only on Mudflats. Weird, weird, weird...!

hello said...

Doogan really, really, just doesn't get it, does he? Doesn't get privacy, or politeness, or misuse of state resources or public service or thinking before hitting the send button...(yup, I mean that). Does the state party have anyway to revoke his membership?

Anonymous said...

I am not too sure about the privacy rights or legal right as far as hiding your name.
No one would have reason to want to know who you are unless you are overstepping boundaries, both legal and otherwise...I think he overstepped his boundaries.
Sounds to me like a true politicians he finds anyway not to answer the questions. You can learn a lot from the way republicans handle truth, affronts,lies and strategy for survival on what not to do.
He is a democrat with the same bullish attitude.

Anonymous said...

As a moderator over at the Mudflats Forum I am personally disturbed at what Mr. Doogan did to AKM. As an Alaskan voter, I am outraged at his treatment of anyone who asks him a question related to his job. What gives him the right to decide who should and should not be anonymous on the web? I guess he'll be pretty busy from now on outing the 5 million other anonymous bloggers out there.

Anonymous said...

He's a sociopath!

Anonymous said...

I doubt outing anyone is against the law- we all risk our identity being revealed online.
BUT- as a state rep it seems Mr. Dortymouth has done so out of vengence and with much malice.
I will be very curious to hear the legalities surrounding this case.

Anonymous said...

What if it is just plain jealousy? Somebody is a better and more popular writer than himself.....

Metavirus said...

If you want to really express your outrage, you should write an email to the Democrats with the real power, the Minority Leader and Minority Whip. There email addresses are, .

Here’s the email I sent:

Dear Minority Leader Kerttula and Minority Whip Guttenberg,

You may or may not be aware of this but a fellow member of the Democratic Caucus, Rep. Mike Doogan, has taken it upon himself to trample upon the privacy of a citizen of Alaska. Rep. Doogan recently unilaterally and maliciously revealed the identity of a anonymous female blogger who writes the site Mudflats. Rep. Doogan’s actions were reprehensible and will involuntarily expose this poor woman and her family to the harsh light of the public media spotlight.

Please find below my email to Rep. Doogan complaining about his deplorable actions. I hope that you will take this matter under advisement and consider how poorly these actions by Rep. Doogan tarnish the image of the Democratic Party in Alaska.

If you want to really spread the word, you should email the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics. Their emails are,,, .

Here’s the email I sent:

Dear Reps. Coghill and Gardner and Sens. Stevens and Wagoner,

You may or may not be aware of this but a member of the Alaska House of Representatives, Rep. Mike Doogan, has taken it upon himself to trample upon the privacy of a citizen of Alaska. Rep. Doogan recently unilaterally and maliciously revealed the identity of an anonymous female blogger who writes the blog Mudflats. Rep. Doogan’s actions were reprehensible and will involuntarily expose this poor woman and her family to the harsh light of the public media spotlight.

Please find below my email to Rep. Doogan complaining about his deplorable actions. As members of the Alaska legislature’s Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics, I hope that you will take this matter under advisement and consider how poorly these actions by Rep. Doogan tarnish the image of the Alaska legislature.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Munger, I applaud your restraint shown in the email exchange between you and Doogan. You must have almost infinite patience.

Doogan's arrogance and "petty tyrant-like" attitude are appalling, especially in the second email. He requested you to phrase your query in the form of a question, implying that he would answer a question. You succinctly set out several questions. Then, he rudely refused to answer the questions:

"Thanks, that's a much better set of questions. Now, why are you
asking? Running low on fodder for your blog? And if it's not for
the blog, why are you asking me instead of your own representative?"

His district deserves better.

Of course, his obsession with AKM's identity and using state resources to out her is not ethical, imo. I second everyone's comments on that.

Thanks for your blog and your efforts in the political scene.

mlaiuppa said...

Don't forget his warped and twisted idea of "civic duty".

After reading this I can only ask, why should Doogan represent the people? He obviously doesn't know what a public servant is, nor have any idea what his civic duties are.

multiple monitors said...

good post

Anonymous said...


You are an asskicker. And a rebel rouser. And an awesome composer and musician.

Thanks for your great blog.

Any chance you could post that picture of Mike Doogan where he looks like he's imitating Mickey Rooney in the film Bill???

CelticDiva said...

Phil, I'm so glad you posted that email exchange but really sorry about the reason for it.

While the privacy issue is the one that makes me nauseous, I think the Legislative ethics issue is the one that could nail him.

Gabe Scott said...

Really good post, Phil.
But, you guys are really radically overreacting to this thing. If there was an anonymous blog written by Exxon's PR people, would it be unethical to expose them? Would that be an invasion of privacy?
The point I think y'all are missing in your self-righteous anger is ... ACCOUNTABILITY. Doogan makes a good point about hoods and torches. While there are a few good reasons for people to remain anonymous in journalism, there are even more bad reasons for it. #1 being, they aren't accountable for what they say, so are free to be bigots, or liars. That's why the KKK uses hoods. Anonymity feeds the mentality of a mob, which the blogging community (in general a truly kick-ass group) is displaying here.
The sudden defense of this absolute right to privacy is very hypocritical. Why for example wouldn't Sarah have that same right from you all, then? Why is it O.K. to publicly expose her kids' messed up lives if there is such a right?
In fact there is no "right to privacy" between individuals-- we only have privacy from the government. Just as Phil or Mudflat are free to expose this or that political operative, Doogan is free to expose this or that blogger. And he's accountable for it.

Anonymous said...

Who here thinks Doogan is Billy Muldoon from Tribal Fires?

Star the wonder pup said...

Oh dear. My federalist papers comment disappeared. Gabe doesn't seem to like justified snark.

Philip Munger said...

"Who here thinks Doogan is Billy Muldoon from Tribal Fires?"

Maybe Sheila Toomey - the Alaska Ear - will out Billy on Sunday...

Sheila was anonymous for years. I don't recall Doogan ever feeling outrage about that, even as he occasionally sat at a desk - for years - right next to her, while she assailed public officials from her protected anonymity.

Maybe he was afraid of her pitchfork, eh....?

Anonymous said...

OH Phil, that is absolutely DELICIOUS about Doogan sitting quietly by an ANONYMOUS writer for years!

And Gabe, AKM is not a JOURNALIST, she's a blogger.

Journalists are PAID employees who, presumably from a neutral standpoint, report on the news of the day. Bloggers are expressing their opinions on that news and make NO claim of journalistic neutrality. Surely you grasp the difference?

Sarah Palin is a PUBLIC figure who VOLUNTAIRLY put herself and her family in the national spotlight. AKM chose to remain anonymous. Surely you grasp the difference?

Anonymous said...

Mr Gabe Scott you are missing the whole picture. Sarah chose to put herself and her family in the public arena. This is no comparison to the KKK. Everything AKM has written always had verification attached to it. She did not print lies. If she was lying I am sure Sarah and others would have filed suit, and her identity would have been revealed. But that isn't the case. You have a state rep Doofus with the mentality of an amoebe, who decided to spend time outing an annonymous blogger rather than use his resources to benefit Alaskans such as stimulus, Mt Redoubt, and so on... He used State time and was on State dime. There is no excuse for what was done. Changing the topic. Where are all the trolls? They are sitting back watching the Dems crucify themselves. Let's move on from this. He's a jerk.

Donna said...

Gabe Scott--I am not sure where you got the idea that there is no right of privacy between individuals. It is as recognized as the right to be free from defamation, is specifically discussed in the Restatement on Torts, and is embodied in statutes in a number of states. You are entirely incorrect.

Metavirus said...

New facebook group started to call out Mike Doogan for his shameful actions:

marlys said...

Im late to the table, but I would like to chime in with agreement that this soo beyond the pale of conduct befitting a state representative. I am saddened & even surprized.
It seems that MB has put his foot in his mouth, clear up to his ash, apparently, he has been hopping around like that for sometime now & isnt showing signs of regaining his balance anytime soon. I hope to stand corected, but for now I say, Pull your foot out! sz 14 xtra wide nonwith standing! its covered in pink pony poo !
Billy Joel sang something about how there is purpose in this world for a angry young man, angry old men, not so much..thanx Mr. Poe for your insight..
His future poli ops musta threw a party
peace to all

LisanTX said...

Doogan’s “theory”: “My own theory about the public process is you can say what you want, as long as you are willing to stand behind it using your real name.”

The Law: Anonymous speech over the internet is entitled to First Amendment protection. Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1997).

Anonymous internet speech in blogs or chat room in some instances can become the modern equivalent of political pamphleteering. McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n, 514 U.S. 334 (1995)

Many participants in cyberspace discussions employ pseudonymous identities. For better or worse, then the audience must evaluate a speaker’s ideas based on her words alone. This unique feature of the internet promises to make public debate in cyberspace less hierarchical and discriminatory than in the real world. Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, Silencing John Doe: Defamation & Discourse in Cyberspace, 49 Duke L.J. 855, 896 (2000).

Oopsie, looks like Doogan's "theory" is a tad wrong.

Gabe Scott--while you have the right to free speech, your speech was free of accuracy. Please read up a little before making sweeping conclusions. Sorry for the snark, but I'm losing patience with people who make statements without ascertaining the facts or law.

empish said...

Depending on how Doogan obtained the information, he could be guilty of yet another ethics violation (Alaska State Ethics Code, AS24.60.060 - using his office to obtain private information about a citizen), as well as a crime (AS11.56.860 - making that information public).

Eeyore said...

Phil, thanks for posting all the email exchange. It's rather disturbing to watch Doogan go so off topic and disintigrate into the kind of snarky response one would expect from a spoiled child. Weird, actually.

And thanks to everyone for the civics lesson. I feel like I'm getting a refresher course in the high school government class I had so long ago - best class ever by a teacher who would have loved to tackle this particular issue.

I just hope that AKM is OK and The Mudflats will become even stronger as a result of Doogan's poorly thought out attack.

Pat, Washington state

sauerkraut said...


Too bad you noted that AKM lived in a district adjoining Doogan's. That probably helped him narrow down the list of suspects.

Amazing that as a fellow democrat he would not, could not, even be bothered to substantively respond to your questions. Perhaps his prior public comments on those issues were just political hubris.

Too bad that as a journalist, or former journalist, he's unfamiliar with the basic concept of confidentiality. Has he never written a story based on information provided by a source who did not want to be identified? Perhaps he's never read about the journalists who would rather go to jail than breach journalistic ethics. Perhaps Mike Doogan is just plain clueless.

But I like how he used to contribute anonymously (under a different name) to a political column/blog.

honestyinGov said...

Probably a few 'good' things will come about because of Rep. Doogans actions.1st...Everybody NOW knows what kind of a person the real Mike Doogan is ... and it it NOT a pretty picture. His political career is over. Anybody who 'still' wants a political future swiftly MUST act swiftly to remove Him from office OR will be smeared by His slime.It will stick to them as well. 2nd....The local economy may get a little boost and some more dollars flowing into it soon. The amounts of Lawyers coming to AK to file Lawsuits against Him will increase dramatically. Anybody have an empty storefront..? (ACLU calling...?) They will need to set up shop and are they going to be there for awhile. Restaurants, Hotel rooms, Clothing Shops....Lawyers from the Lower 48 that don't have those heavy coats to stay warm in AK.More money in the economy. 3rd....The Mudflats blog will become even MORE popular now. I guess Mr. Doogans Plan did not turn out the way He wanted... Ooops

Philip Munger said...


"Too bad you noted that AKM lived in a district adjoining Doogan's. That probably helped him narrow down the list of suspects."

I confess - I lied to throw him off...

Katherine said...

Good heavens. Doesn't EVERYBODY "pick and choose" what information they want public? I bet Rep Doogan doesn't want us knowing how long he spends in the bathroom every morning. Or how often he argues with his wife. Perhaps I should email him asking those questions, and see whether Rep Doogan can stand up to his own criteria.

Anonymous said...

Philip Munger said...

I confess - I lied to throw him off...

Phil you little devil, thats cute.

Anonymous said...

Next from Doogan: you have the right to speak as long as you are willing to back it up with your home address. I mean, the names of your kids. I mean, your fingerprints.

Till then, no free speech for you, maggot!

Anonymous said...

Routinely addresses constituents and other Alaskans with unearned arrogance and immense rudeness. Obsessively stalks public critic for months using time that should have gone toward solving his district's problems. Claims anonymous writing is teh suck after himself penning a blog under a fake name. Responds to critics of the outing incident by doubling down on enraged defensiveness.

Yeah, this guy is really mentally stable.

Steven J said...

I notice he said pretty much the same thing to you that he said to Shannyn Moore in person - "I don't want to talk to you." And I think she even lives in his district.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that Doogan's behavior is a form of sexual harassment, as well as stalking, and should be legally actionable. I am not too well versed in Alaskan law, but I'd be very surprised if there isn't some sort of provision for action to be taken against him. Perhaps some sort of legal fund might be arranged?

Quetzalcoatl said...

You asked serious questions and his response is you aren't in my riding and btw, who's the mudflats blogger????
You could have asked him what business it is of his whom a blogger is, answer the gd questions, but I salute your restraint.

Speaking of hoods and torches, is this Loogie's Kristallnacht? Will bloggers anonymous be required to wear a yellow star now, perchance?

Anonymous said...

Dear Phil,
I hope you are spending time questioning how much the President is apending by flying his wife and children and Mother-in-Law to Russia and Italy for a week of sight seeing. How much is that costing the tax payers? Thank you so much for working on 'reform' in the government. Seems to me we are paying for 4 extra people for flight, lodging and food. Not to mention all the Wednesday parties they are giving and flying to NY for 'date night'. Thank you so much for checking into this.

You know, I also saw Obama with a shirt having a Nike logo....maybe it is time to file an ethics complaint on him as well. How DARE he!!

Anonymous said...
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