Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Max Blumenthal on Getting to the Bottom of the AIG Scandal - Waterboard 'Em...

Honorary Alaskan, Max Blumenthal, interviews people on Wall Street on the AIG scandal. As usual, Max gets provocative answers to his questions nobody else gets:


Anonymous said...

Hey- It's really taxapayer money
So.. How about we get them to donate 165 million to 165 million American Taxpayers by
randomly selecting SS numbers. LOL

I still can't believe that there have been so many abuses of stimulus money.

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of waterboarding Dodd, Geithner and Rahm for getting us in the AIG mess. Yet no one mentions a word about Freddie and Fannie bonuses.

Anonymous said...

This stimulus money stinks. I thought the Progressives were against corporate welfare. Part of capitalism is allowing failure.

In addition to AIG you have GM losing money on every car it makes. And we are going to bail them out????


Star the wonder pup said...

I'm certainly not defending these guys of their often obscene levels of compensation, but is letter in today's NYT does add a bit of perspective to the debate: