Thursday, March 12, 2009

Max Blumenthal for Al Jazeera on the Charles Freeman Withdrawal

Tuesday, former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and so-called State Department "realist," Charles Freeman felt compelled to withdraw his name as head of President Obama's National Intelligence Council, an important coordinating group. Various ultra-Zionists, in congress and out, felt drawn to take credit for this victory. New York Senator Charles Schumer was one.

Another was far right idealogue
Daniel Pipes. Pipes was happy to share credit with Steve J. Rosen:

What you may not know is that Steven J. Rosen of the Middle East Forum was the person who first brought attention to the problematic nature of Freeman's appointment, in a February 19 blog titled "Alarming appointment at the CIA." Within hours, the word was out; and three weeks later Freeman has conceded defeat. Only someone with Steve's stature and credibility could have made this happen.

Talking points Memo
founder, Josh Marshall, observed Tuesday about Rosen what Pipes misses:

The man who led the campaign against the Chas Freeman appointment
is currently awaiting trial on charges of espionage.

Marshall links to Max Blumenthal's
Daily Beast feature about weird and pathetic aspects of Freeman's withdrawal. It is the first link to Blumenthal's work I've noticed by Marshall. Phil Weiss, at mondoweiss, has been featuring Max more and more.

Max, as some
PA readers may remember, came up to Alaska to cover Sarah Palin's links to millennial dispensationalists and far-right militias. He was based out of our house. Max and Dave Neiwert are writing a book on the subject.

Pipes, in his email about the Freeman withdrawal, erroneously credits a Max Blumenfeld for having noted Rosen's key role. But a click on the link brings one to Max Blumenthal.

I wrote to Max yesterday, about the error. He wrote back, addressing me as "Mr. Mungerstein." I love it!

I guess that's partially in recognition of being the only Alaskan to attempt covering I/P and AIPAC-related issues comprehensively.

Thanks, Max.

Here's Max on the the
Al Jazeera report:

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