Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time To Help Get Alaska Democrats Elected -- Part Two -- VOLUNTEER!

These next two weeks are very, very important, for you, for Alaska Democrats running for office, for statewide campaigns (Mark Begich and Ethan Berkowitz), and for the future of the United States of America.

The picture at the top left, is of me, Nancy Lethcoe and Judy Youngquist, yesterday afternoon, at the Anchorage Obama headquarters. We were hand-writing and addressing post cards, to be sent out to targeted swing voters in swing states. This post card campaign is going on around the country, in hundreds of Obama offices, sending hundreds of thousands of hand-written messages to voters.

We found ourselves with a couple of extra hours on our hands, in Anchorage. Nancy suggested we go over to the Obama office, and pitch in for that amount of time. There were a lot of other volunteers there, very busy.

I was writing to people who, like me, hunt and fish, and strongly support the Second Amendment. Nancy did the same. Judy's message, as a retired teacher, was about the tie-ins between education, financial well-being, and our children's future.

Even though Nancy Lethcoe (you can donate or get in touch with Nancy here) is already working long hours every day, to unseat Valdez Corrupt Bastard Club charter member, GOP Rep. John Harris, she's been doing everything she can to support our other candidates and campaigns.

Get out there and volunteer, folks. Even if it is just a few minutes or a couple of hours. Believe me, there is plenty to do. And - it can be fun!

images - at the Obama campaign office; Judy and Nancy looking up voter information.


Anonymous said...

Just curious; what, if anything, has Diane Benson done to mobilize her supporters to help Ethan and other D's?

Anonymous said...

Nancy Lethcoe is a classy, classy lady! I met her at the Mat-Su Candidate's Forum! At Mat-Su College the other day. I was genuinely impressed with her.

She is worthy of a write up, Phil. Did you read about her? She held world records in swimming back in '58 at the Olympics, then she came home and studied in London! (She is a smart cookie, perhaps an athletic cookie, as well!)

Philip Munger said...

anon @ #1 - Benson's supporters have done everything asked of them by the Berkowitz campaign - and more.

anon @ #2 - back in August, I hoped to do profiles on all the AK Legislative candidates. On August 29th, something happened that changed PA's and a lot of other Alaska bloggers' priorities on August 29th. Since then, I've printed anything sent here by a Dem legislator, or candidate, that fit the format.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what do Democrats want to do about bringing in more money to Alaska. Where do they plan to get it.