Friday, October 17, 2008

First Post-Branchflower Report Alaska Poll Shows Palin Holding Her Own Here

The most prestigious national progressive blog, DailyKos, published Alaska race polls today, that also polled favorability numbers on Gov. Sarah Palin. Surprisingly, her popularity seems to be undiminished, even after the release of the Branchflower Report. Ivan Moore is supposed to be working on a new poll on her popularity, due to be published early next week.

The Kos poll also polls the Alaska U.S. Senate race, and the AK-AL U.S. House race. It shows them tightening:

Berkowitz -- 50% ---- Young -- 40%
Begich -- 48% ---- Stevens -- 46%

Here are the favorable versus unfavorable numbers, in descending order of popularity:

Palin -- 63% -- 34%
Berkowitz -- 54% -- 40%
Begich -- 53% -- 37%
Stevens -- 44% -- 51%
Young -- 43% -- 56%


Anonymous said...


i almost fell off my stool when I read "prestigious" and "Daily KOS" in the same sentence.

that's funny.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about the sanity of my fellow Alaskans if Sarah's popularity is still this high after all we've seen over the past two months.

Anonymous said...

Markos Maulitsos, Daily Kos founder is soooo DCCC. He is a fascist fuck. Sorry. So is his blog. The worst of the national progressive blogs...probably ran by undercover Republicans. Love you blog, Phil, but hate the Kos. I agree with the first comment above. Prestigious and Daily Kos should never be linked together...

Philip Munger said...

To the commenters who have issues with DailyKos or with Markos Moulitsas:

I have major issues with some diarists at DailyKos. I have had strong disagreements with Markos Moulitsas, as he has moved toward the center. If you go to my diary page there, you will see that to be the case.

But many DailyKos diarists are very credible - Dengre, Kagro X, Devilstower, to name just three of my favorites. To me, the prestige that DailyKos might possess comes from quality people like those diarists, who do very important research, and surely are progressive.

To categorize the entire blog as something less than "prestigious," because Moulitsas is more than a little opportunistic, or because some of the diarists are Kosbots, or because many, many, many of the commenters there are Kosbots, does injustice to the blog as a whole.

I haven't published a diary there in weeks, and have avoided posting diaries or articles at other outside blogs, since Palin's selection as VP candidate, as I've felt this to be a tremendous opportunity for growth within our own Alaska blogging community.

Anonymous said...

OK OK OK...Maybe I am guilty of throwning the baby out with the bath water...I just can't stand Markos...Tell the truth, I can't even remember exactly the reason. I'll think of it. I'll give them another look...

Anonymous said...

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