Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time to Help Get Alaska Democrats Elected 24/7 -- Part One - Les Gara's Appeal

Dear Friends & Supporters:

The dizzying McCain Campaign spin and Troopergate make you want to do something?

With your help, we can win the close races we have this year, and win a Democratic Majority in the legislature for the first time in 2 decades.

Please help Today - Online (, or by sending a check (HDCC, 1231 W. Northern Lights Blvd. # 562, Anchorage 99503). The funds we raise will go straight to candidates and advertising.

Unless you want to reward a Republican Party that's called Barack Obama a Terrorist Sympathizer.

Unless it's OK that Republicans have used their power to block health insurance reform; block educational opportunity for Alaskans who need it (we're one of 10 states with no statewide pre-k program); and block Alaskans from sharing in the State's Opportunity.

Donation Limits: Please donate as much as you can today (the limit is $5000/year to HDCC, SDCC, and all State Democratic Party groups combined). Questions? As always - feel free to call or e-mail me - at 250-0106/

We need 4 seats to take the majority in the Alaska House of Representatives, and likely 2 seats for form a majority coalition.

Your help in the past has narrowed a Republican 28 - 12 majority to one where the margin is now 24-16. With your help we can keep moving forward, on health care reform, a real renewable energy policy in Alaska, better schools and early education, and a stronger university. We can stop the influence of special interests, and businesses who see the Legislature as theirs, not ours.

I appreciate all your help in the past, and hope you can help in any way you can afford.

Thanks very much!!!!!!


Paid for by the House Democratic Campaign Committee, 1241 W 27th Ave # 562, Anchorage 99503-2318

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Anonymous said...

Not a chance Mr. Gara. Not a chance.