Monday, October 27, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter One Hundred-Fifty-Six -- The Wheels ARE Coming Off the McCain-Palin Clown Car

The last full week of the 2008 political campaign season opened with John McCain trooping a bunch of his "economic advisors" onto a stage, for "An announcement" on the economy. It was a pathetic attempt to get some free air time. As blogger Jane Hamsher observed:

John McCain is on my TeeVee right now, having asked for time for a special announcement.

He's assembled Mittens, Meg Whitman, Michael Steele, Tim Pawlenty and a host of others on the stage with him so he can blather about his tax cuts that will spur growth.

"I can't compete with Barack Obama to buy air time, so I'm going to pretend I've got something new to say so that I can get my face in front of the camera."

This is pretty transparent. If I was CNN I'd put the meter on.

How short are they getting on money? Here's from yesterday, in New Mexico:

Mark Salter, a senior McCain adviser, said 1,400 people went through security to get to the Albuquerque event. And he said it costs a lot of money to build large crowds — money the McCain campaign doesn't have.

Unless the tracking polls begin to show some sort of a McCain-Palin trend, expect Gov. Palin to continue to concentrate on her own agenda for 2012, rather than upon following specific instructions from the McCain camp. This could get good.

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Anonymous said...

Does Palin have a chance at 2012? She's as dense as a post and is too willing to prove it. Hopefully she will be an untouchable to the Republican party.