Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter One Hundred-Thirty-One -- More Bad News for Sarabots

Two recent Anchorage Daily News articles have addressed the rapidly changing environment for Sarah Palin, that look toward her return here after what is increasingly seen to be the possibly biggest electoral victory for one party over another since Bush I-Dukakis, 20 years ago.

Tom Kizzia's Monday ADN coverage
of the wider implications of the combination of the recently concluded Branchflower, and the ongoing Petumenos investigations, thrown in with other possible actions, is excellent, thorough, and lays out a dismal future legal scenario for our governor.

Today's story on Palin's future by Sean Cockerham, is good too, but far from realistic about Palin's national chances after this 2008 hatefest-debacle has augered into the ground, like so many of the aircraft McCain has mis-piloted in the past.

And - I'll remind readers once again - the ADN has yet to address, either in a locally-authored news article, or in its editorials - Palin's role as deadweight hate monger in the McCain crash. Here's a clip from yesterday's NYT/CBS Poll:

Seeing as Palin is perceived nationally, if not in the editorial spaces of the ADN, as the major figure in McCain's "attacks on Obama," I'd call her performance defining.

Meanwhile, expect the emergence of her past ties to terrorists in the Alaska Independence Party - or the growing national perception of that fact - as a feature that will immunize Obama from any aggressive attacks by McCain this evening against the former on the so-called "Ayers ties." I'm sure McCain's prep people are watching videos of Progressive Alaska colleagues Max Blumenthal and David Neiwert on CNN and other networks, as they articulate this issue. And then, there's Olberman's "special comment" from yesterday:


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Andy Borowitz made me smile with this Weather Channel spoof.

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Wasn't it Reagan-Mondale in 1984?

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