Friday, October 17, 2008

Is The Anchorage Daily News Preparing the Ground for a McCain-Palin Endorsement?

I somehow doubt they actually are. But the most pro-Palin newspaper in the United Sates right now is the Anchorage Daily News.

Although the paper has carried a few recent articles about Palin that are critical, and non-staff local op-eds that are highly critical of the governor, most have been written by Outside or Alaska AP reporters. Their sole editorial in the past two weeks or more that criticized Palin, was the obligatory essay on the Branchflower Report. It damned her for newspeak, not for the misfeasance or malfeasance, which she clearly has committed.

I started asking myself early this week, whether the ADN was preparing the ground for a GOP presidential endorsement, or immunizing the rag from the inevitable criticism they'd get after an Obama-Biden endorsement. The evidence, in my calculation, is mounting for the former.

1 -- The ADN has yet to cover the growing national outrage over the combination of Palin's policy, while mayor of Wasilla, to delete payment for forensic examinations of victims of sexual assault from that city's municipal budget, over her signature, and visible national and statewide outrage over her stance, on hoping to appoint judges who would force women to bear the children of their assailants after having been raped. Their absence on this is quite disturbing.

2 -- Although several national polls, in their details, now document authoritatively how bad Palin has been for the McCain campaign, the ADN hasn't covered this beyond references to articles elsewhere, in their on-line-only Newsreader niche.

3 -- The thoroughly documented connection between the base aspects of Palin's new national base and the sleaziest end-game in a presidential contest since Willie Horton or the 60s worries people, journalists, newspapers and civil rights organizations across the land. Does it bother the editors or publisher of the ADN? Apparently not.

That being said, I suspect at least one or two of the excellent, award-winning writers at the ADN are looking into some of these and other stories about Palin and her husband, being researched as I write, by several non-ADN writers, themselves winners of important awards, or aspiring for their first, covering these matters.


Unknown said...

You would think that a newspaper who largely missed all the corruption in front of their nose, who forced out the single op-ed writer who did catch the corruption, and who failed to thoroughly research Palin in her run for governor, would pause before endorsing anyone. One could say that Palin ended up as the VP candidate, in part, because ADN failed at the task of solid investigative reporting. Today, why is it that the Village Voice in NYC is breaking stories about who built Palin's house and not the newspaper located 40 miles from the house? Why did Palin get away with challenging Randy Reudrich for his behavior on the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, while at the very same time, as a Commissioner, managing a 527 soft money fund for Ted Stevens, a fund that may have taken petroleum industry contributions? Today when I read a story about Alaska politics in the ADN, my reaction is "Uh huh, and what did they miss?" If ever a newspaper needed competition, it is today's ADN.

Cynthia Rose said...

I can't believe the national news isn't covering more of the lies and truth about Palin.

I'm sick of hearing about all the hate she sprews at her rallies - by repeating it over and over the news is helping to spread her message.

If she refuses to be interviews - the news needs to stop promoting her. Instead focus on getting the truth out! Like the videos from the Wasilla project and the good work you do here.

clark said...

wow, philip, do you really think they will do it? how creepy is that? yikes.
i can imagine that katherine fanning will be spinning in her grave at 666 mph.