Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter One Hundred-Twenty-Eight -- The Recall Petition Possibility Gains Momentum

The reality of Sarah Palin's ineptness is beginning to hit home. From the day John McCain selected her to be his running mate, more than a few of us knew immediately how rash and inappropriate his move was. In a sense, beginning early on Friday, August 9th, 2008, as many Alaskans got phone calls from around the country, asking us of what we thought about Palin's elevation, Palin became a "uniter."

She has united conservative pro-corporate types like Dan Fagan or Paul Jenkins, and very liberal people like Shannyn Moore, Linda Kellen and me, for instance. We may not agree on all the particulars of Palin's lack of qualifications, but we see the same bottom line.

The Alaskans for Truth Movement, which grew out of reaction to the utter contempt for the truth displayed by the Ed O'Callaghan-Meg Stapleton "Truth Squad" farce, is re-evaluating where to bring Alaskans' concern next. This past week, along with the issuance of the Branchflower Report, has seen the most hate-filled, despicable audiences to presidential campaign rallies, in recent memory. Sarah Palin's important and extremely willing part in this development is undeniable.

Additionally, results of the efforts of hundreds of reporters, writers, videographers, film-makers and bloggers from around the world, are beginning to resonate nationally. The much more finely nuanced picture of the rise of Sarah Palin that is now emerging, is disturbing to many Americans, many Alaskans.

Sarah Palin has become the butt of more jokes around America than there are people in Alaska. New YouTubes of her ineptness, selfishness, mendacity, ignorance and strange beliefs & alliances, are posted at a rate averaging over ten per hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Newspapers that endorsed George Bush in 2004, are endorsing Barack Obama in 2008, because of our Governor:

His selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate was stunning. She is shockingly lacking in presidential qualifications - Dayton Daily News

[H]is pick of Sarah Palin doesn't back up his catchphrase of 'country first.' - Springfield Ohio News-Sun

[N]othing proves it more than his reckless selection of Sarah Palin, whose lack of knowledge to take over as president has becoming increasingly obvious and embarrassing - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for a running mate seems as shockingly amateurish and ill-advised today as it was in August. Nothing that has happened on the campaign trail has changed this - Easton Pennsylvania Express Times

He even shrank from his own campaign slogan, 'Country First,' by selecting the least qualified running mate since the Swedenborgian shipbuilder Arthur Sewall ran as William Jennings Bryan’s No. 2 in 1896 - St. Louis Post Dispatch

There are more like that, and the newspaper endorsement cycle is just ramping up.

The combination of new revelations about Palin's rise, questions about her competence and integrity, the farce of Todd Palin, the first dude stalker spending more time and energy on trapping his ex-brother-in-law, than on fathering his two oldest kids, is simply beyond the pale.

Specifically, though, the revelations of the Branchflower Report, as limited as the report's scope was, lead some of us to believe that not only is Governor Sarah Palin worthy of consideration in a recall petition, but that we may indeed have a basic responsibility to actually move forward very soon with initiation of the recall process.

More on this later today.

Meanwhile, Linda Kellen is helping organize this movement, as is Shannyn Moore. Shannyn's essay from late yesterday on this, A Letter to Alaskans, makes very compelling reading!


Cynthia Rose said...

THREE CHEERS!!!!! I only wish I lived in Alaska so I could help.

Anonymous said...

Palin's Rural Adviser Quits Over Native Record

ANNE SUTTON | October 14, 2008 08:07 AM EST |
zzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz

JUNEAU, Alaska — Gov. Sarah Palin's rural adviser resigned Monday amid criticism of the governor's record on hiring Alaska Natives.

Rhonda McBride, who is not an Alaska Native, made the announcement in an e-mail to several Native leaders, saying there need to be more Native voices in Palin's administration.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Alaska. If I did you can believe I would be at the front of the pack leading the charge for a recall - and that's JUST from what I have read and heard in the past few weeks about your Gov. There has to be someone better in Alaska to put at the top of your state....heck, I have read posts and stories written by Alaskan citizens that appear far superior on the 'brain matter between their ears' than Palin.

It goes beyond the intellect - she appears to be one conniving hockey mom who will do/say anything that is in HER interests.

Let the recall begin!! Using Bush's words - "Bring it ON!"

clark said...

i sort of see all this as part of a process of a maturing state. 50 years isn't a long time compared to other state governments that are historically stable.
alaska has a progressive constitution and judicial branch. we need to build on those strengths and prevent this sort of thing [the executive branch basically being co-opted by a national campaign] from ever happening again. just as we did the right thing and voted to change the way US senate seats are filled after the lisa murkowski appointment.
we will need to defeat the republican meme that convinces the public that less regulation is better. this isn't going to be popular, but it's true. alaska and local municipalities still have fairly lax regulation in many areas.
i work for an architect. i can tell you that it's a cakewalk to get a building permit here, compared to other places. in most locales in california you have had to submit detailed energy calculations for decades now. until a couple recent fiascoes in eagle river the municipality of anchorage did not even have any kind land clearing ordinance [rules that will prevent your next door neighbor from ruining your property]. incredible.
when we vote to allow a mine in bristol bay, we open ourselves up for another exxon valdez situation, with possible dire and catastrophic consequences.
it doesn't seem that way but all of these things are connected. they all involve too much of a willingness to trust people who do not have the public interest in mind.

Anonymous said...

Less regulation is better-- but only with people who have the public interest in mind. Frank was in it for Frank.

Tony Knowles was an excellent governor and it's sad that he lost to Palin the second time he ran for office. Andrew Halcro would have been good, too, but he was a maverick :) John Binkley-- that guy looked like an inbred and his ads were cliche-- I think he'd have been another Frank.

clark said...

"Less regulation is better-- but only with people who have the public interest in mind."
yeah? what experience and evidence do you base this on?
tell us more.

Anonymous said...

yeah? what experience and evidence do you base this on? tell us more.


The only evidence that I have is that people go for what is cheapest and easiest if it's land (see Wasilla) and if it's personal, they fulfill their own agenda and help out their friends.

Regulation can get crazy-- I have read of people (on CNN) going to jail or getting fined for not watering their lawns during droughts or when water is high priced. THAT is a bad regulation. When the regulations get made, they need to be made with some consideration for problems.

Anonymous said...

Clark-- my "evidence" is not for what I'd suggested. I know that. We do need regulations and we can't give the governor too many choices since Palin, like Murkowski has bungled too much.

clark said...

"The only evidence that I have is that people go for what is cheapest and easiest if it's land (see Wasilla) and if it's personal, they fulfill their own agenda and help out their friends."

the mat-su is no longer cheaper, if you're still trying to commute to anchorage each workday in a single occupant vehicle, eh?
as to the second part, if it's true it sounds like a need for more regulation, not less.
mc cain spent his entire career drying to deregulate industry and government infrastructure. this 'maverick, reformer' pitcure they're tryint to paint is BS.

Anonymous said...

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