Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber - Don't Let Him Into YOUR House

Joe "the Plumber" Wurlezbacher, doesn't meet the typical profile of a plumber who would and could start his own business.

Joe says that if it weren't for the evil, socialist, social security system Democrats, who have a guy at the top of their ticket who reminds Joe of Sammy Davis, Jr, he'd be OK, and he wants to vote for a guy that will help him - like John McCain.

Put that pipe wrench on the work bench, Joe, and slowly back away. Slowly...

Joe might not be a licenced plumber.

Joe might not even be a registered voter.

He does appear to be a registered Republican.

And, he appears to be a relative of Charles Keating.

He also appears to have done some advanced preparation for the celebrity he was going to get yesterday, and is already cashing in.

Good for you, Joe! Just stay away from my sink.


Cynthia Rose said...

Joe the plumber isn't making over 250,000 so no new taxes for him either, plu she has tax liens against him for unpaid taxes - seems he doesn't like paying any taxes.

Anonymous said...

Joe the Plant.

Anonymous said...

Joe lived in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

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